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  • Castle Crashers prizes up for grabs in official fan fiction contest

    Independent developer The Behemoth has launched a competition asking fans to pen fan fiction for its downloadable hit, Castle Crashers. Only two entries per person are allowed, with a strict 450-550 word limit, and a deadline of 5:00 PM PST May 1. Copies of the game and t-shirts are on offer for successful entries. Go […]

  • Saturday Shorts: Castle Crashers, Warlock, Bit.Trip Saga, Homefront, StarCraft 2

    There’s a large batch of shorts for you below the break. Some of it PAX Prime related, some of it not. Read it anyway. Don’t make me have to punish you.

  • The Behemoth: BattleBlock Theater isn't "trying to be like any other game"

    The Behemoth’s Kelly Revak has said the firm’s BattleBlock Theater isn’t “trying to be like any other game,” including the team’s popular title Castle Crashers.

  • Video for The Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater is undeniably awesome

    The Behemoth has put out a video featuring the opening cinematic for BattleBlock Theater.

  • Castle Crashers bringing the pink to PSN

    Castle Crashes is about to see one of its most exciting updates yet: the oft-requested, much anticipated, genuinely hotly desired Pink Knight. Grab your delicately hued warrior from the PlayStation Network, and The Behemoth will drop all revenue in the coffers of breast cancer research charities.

  • Castle Crashers hits 2 million players

    The Behemoth has announced that Castle Crashers has now reached the 2 million player mark.

  • The Behemoth delays BattleBlock Theater into 2011

    The Behemoth has announced BattleBlock Theater, a story about friendship, betrayal, and a whole truck load of cats, will not make its planned 2010 release.

  • Castle Crashers finally dated for PSN

    Castle Crashers has at last been dated for PSN, and it’s only a few weeks away.

  • The Behemoth sends Castle Crashers PS3 off to final testing, releases screenshots and video to celebrate

    It’s been a behemoth of a wait, but if all goes according to plan, PS3 gamers will soon have their own slice of hacking, slashing, curiously poop joke-obsessed bliss.

  • Concerts and exhibitors announced for PAX East

    Concerts and exhibitors were announced today for PAX East, and if you thought Jonathan Coulton wouldn’t be there again – you’ve lost some nerd cred with us.

  • The Behemoth's third game officially titled "BattleBlock Theater," features smashing top hat action

    While having to say “The Behemoth’s third game” wasn’t getting tiresome at all, we’re happy to report that said mouthful finally has a more manageable moniker: BattleBlock Theater. The developer’s also released a new trailer, which you’ll find after the break.

  • Castle Crashers getting Necromantic DLC pack [UPDATE]

    Update: The Behemoth has confirmed that the new Castle Crashers DLC will cost 160 MS Points ($2.00/£1.36/€1.86) and will be available on August 26. Original Story: The Behemoth has announced that the upcoming DLC for Castle Crahers is called Necromantic. It will add the chainsaw weapon and provides access to two new characters which are […]

  • The Behemoth Game no. 3 development video part one

    The Behemoth has tweeted that a new development video for Game no. 3 has been released. We have posted it after the beak. So far, it’s still unnamed so “Game #3″ will have to suffice for now. Looks like a Behemoth game to be sure.

  • Behemoth's Game #3 - five new movies

    Want to watch more on Behemoth’s Game #3? The new multiplayer platform thing shown in earnest for the first time at SDCC yesterday? Then go to Destructoid. Or Offworld. The choice is yours. It’s out next year.

  • Behemoth's Game #3 - first gameplay movie and details

    The Behemoth’s taken the wraps off Game #3, as you can see on Gamespot. The nutshell: “Basically, the game allows a number of players to take part in competitive scenarios that control like a typical 2D platformer, but with all the eccentricity and charm The Behemoth is known for.” There’s a gameplay video after the […]

  • Castle Crashers coming to PS3

    According to this Gamespot report, Behemoth’s Castle Crashers will be launching on PS3 later this year. The game, a hugely successful Live affair, has been 360-exclusive so far. No date. It’s on show at Comic Con this week. Thanks, 1UP.

  • Castle Crashers hits 1 million players

    The Behemoth just announced that more than 1 million players are now listed on the Castle Crashers leaderboards. Someone very excitedly just posted on the developer’s blog: “This is really big news! Thanks to you guys Castle Crashers has become the fastest growing XBLA game in history!” We saw some revenue figures for castle Crasher […]

  • Castle Crashers hits 900,000 players

    More than 900,000 people have now played Castle Crashers, the Behemoth’s confirmed on its blog. Approximately 3,532,940 princesses have now been saved with around 112,478,313,017 swings of a sword. The developer’s launched a competition to guess the time and date of the millionth player. Hit the links for rules. Bonkers. Someone, somewhere, is laughing all […]

  • Alien Hominid half price on XBLA

    The Behemoth’s Alien Hominid has been halved in price on XBLA, according to EG. You can now pick it up for 400 MS Points, which is great value. Because it’s a great game.

  • The Behemoth releases first trailer of next game

    And it’s a co-op platformer. The video after the break shows a “super-early” version of Behemoth’s “Game #3″. There’s no further detail on the latest from the Castle Crashers developer, aside from the fact it’s out in 2010. From the company’s blog: Release Date: See Trailer Console : No specifics yet Price: No idea Game […]


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