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  • Lionhead survey seeks Fable feedback

    Fable is one of those franchises which evokes strong opinions in players, and Lionhead wants to hear yours.

  • Dance Central survey shows possible changes and inclusions for sequel

    A survey has suggested that Harmonix is testing the waters to find out what people would want in Dance Central 2, a game the firm said was in “pre-production” back in November.

  • Flash developers anxious to publish on Android

    A survey has revealed that over half of responding flash developers are interested in making or porting games for Android.

  • Which? survey shows secondhand stores paying peanuts for trade-ins

    Consumer group Which? has found some retailers which accept used games pay less than 30 percent of the game’s total retail worth.

  • Assassin’s Creed survey asks about possible innovations for next iteration

    Ubisoft has put out a survey in conjunction with Global Market Insite which asks participants a number of questions reagding possible innovations for the next addition in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

  • Survey says new consumers would buy consoles if the prices were reduced

    Cowan & Company has conducted a survey which suggests core videogames are still the best market investment and more new consumers could be tempted to purchase consoles if the prices were reduced.

  • Survey says UK and Europe aren’t too keen on 3D TVs

    According to a survey conducted by by price comparison site Twenga, only one percent of UK consumers polled plan to purchase a 3D television set during the holiday shopping season.

  • Survey: Japan wants Mario in 3D

    A survey conducted by Goo Research has shown that the Super Mario series is the most wanted in Japan for 3D treatment.

  • Survey: 80% of Japanese consumers think 3DS is expensive

    Recent surveys conducted in Japan regarding 3DS have shown quite a few consumers in the country are unaware of the new handheld, and those which are aware of it find it’s a bit on the expensive side.

  • Survey: Only 4% of UK game industry staff are female

    According to a report from the British Sociological Association, the number of females employed in the UK videogame industry dropped from 12 percent in 2006 to 4 percent in 2009.

  • Survey: Only 2% of Britons thinking of 3D TV purchase

    Looks like the UK’s not ready to ride the 3D TV gravy train. Far from it, actually.

  • Survey says: Boys and girls love online gaming

    According to a new US survey, 91 percent of boys and 93 percent of girls ages 8 to 11 years play their games online.

  • 67% of US Homes have console or PC for gaming

    A new survey by the ESA has suggested that over 67 percent of American households own a gaming console or PC.

  • Children prefer games to saving the environment

    According to a recent survey, children of today would rather stay in doors playing computer games than be out saving the planet.

  • Study – US gamers spent $25.3 billion on games last year

    According to a study conducted by Newzoo and TNS,  the US spent approximately $25.3B on games in 2009. UK’ers spent around £3.8B.

  • Nintendo not afraid of Apple? Maybe it should be, says survey

    Portable gaming is Nintendo. Whether you’re spending your morning commute with a PSP, Nintendo DS, or Neo-Geo Pocket (RIP), to most passers-by, that little slab of plastic in your hands is a Gameboy. And oh, hey, 129 million sales. Nintendo’s throne is unassailable, right? But we can remember a time when console gaming was the […]

  • Survey says: Xbox 360 failure rate is 42%

    A survey conducted by Nofussreviews polled 500,000 people and found that 42 percent have experienced hardware failure with Xbox 360 consoles.

  • Analyst: Reviews are the “least important factor” to gamers

    A Cowen Group survey has revealed that game reviews are the “least important factor” to consumers when deciding on which title to purchase. Instead, according to analyst Doug Creutz, gamers rely mainly on word of mouth and publishers should stop focusing on scoring a high review. “We believe that while Metacritic scores may be correlated […]

  • Rumor: Survey reveals potential 1 vs. 100 subscription model

    1 vs. 100 butters its bread by asking all kinds of oddball trivia questions, and now — fittingly enough — Microsoft’s following suit by riddling gamers this big question: “If 1 vs. 100 were not available as part of your Gold Membership account, how likely would you be to purchase 1 vs. 100 for $15 […]

  • Rumour: Wii Netflix survey drops $10 charge

    Remember that survey about Netflix for Wii? Well, there’s been another one. And this time its dropped the notion of a $10 set-up fee. The initial survey mooted the idea of a “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc” for $10. This time it noted the disc would be “available for free.” Could be pie dans le sky, […]

  • Online survey hints at Command & Conquer 4 plans

    An online survey has detailed potential Command & Conquer 4 traits, such as: Command & Conquer 4 allows C&C fans to finally experience the epic conclusion to the 15-year Tiberium saga with innovative RPG-like player progression, persistent in both single player and Multiplayer modes, co-op play, and new stylized, live-action cinematics. There’s tons more on […]

  • Survey says: Sony is the “coolest” brand for teens

    Sony is more popular with teens than Apple and Nintendo, according to a recent survey. Global Habbo’s Youth Survey Brand Update 2009 report polled 112,000 teens ages 11-19 from over 30 countries and PlayStation was named the number one brand with Nintendo and Microsoft following. “Technology is an integral part of teenagers’ lives, and they […]

  • Survey asks if gamers would like a “karma system” in next GTA

    Play Insights sent out a survey asking if a karma system should be implemented into the Grand Theft Auto series. Over on the WiiSpace forums, member Da Ill One posted a screenshot of it, and this is what it read: Do you think Grand Theft Auto would benefit from having a “karma” system or “good” […]

  • Achievement-based Avatar gear idea resurfaces

    Microsoft’s surveyed punters in the US on the subject of Avatars, again hinting that Achievement-based gear in the on the way for the Rare-developed virtual men and women. This isn’t the first time Microsoft’s mentioned the concept. Rare art head Lee Musgrave told VG247 in February that, “In time… games will be able to give […]

  • Survey says: 72% of men would rather play a new game than have sex

    According to a report over on CVG, out of 1,130 men surveyed, two-thirds would rather play a new game release than do the mattress mambo with their lady friend. Seriously? Thirty-two percent admitted they would rather play a game because partners were “hard to please” or “not as much fun”. The average climbed to 72 […]

  • Netflix survey asks about possibity of Wii service

    A survey is asking people about using Netflix on Wii. This is according to a form sent into Joystiq by a reader. The scan of the page says: “Imagine that, as an added benefit to DVDs by mail, Netflix offers its members the ability to watch movies & TV episodes instantly on their TV via […]

  • Microsoft gets opinion on non-gaming Achievements

    Microsoft has sent out an Achievement survey to some lucky punters, running the gambit of user-generated and multiplayer Achievements, and asking what types of Achievements gamers preferred. The possibility off having your game Achievements listed on GamerCards was also an optioned in the survey, as well as non-gaming Achievements showing others how many movies you’ve […]

  • Penny Arcade surveys 40,000 gamers on net speed and console ownership

    Penny Arcade’s surveyed 38,350 readers on their gaming preferences, which has to be the largest sample of its type. Like, ever. It’s well worth a nose. The average age of those questioned is 26, and 94 percent of them are male. They’re not too keen on PS3 either, apparently. Console Ownership: PC: 86.3% Xbox 360: […]

  • Survey says: Playing Madden increases your NFL IQ

    EA has announced the results of a survey conducted by University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center which show that Madden NFL players’ football IQ was 60 percent higher than non-players. The study tested the general American football knowledge of 15,000 Madden 09 players against your average non-Madden playing NFL fan. The results spoke for […]

  • Xbox 360 “dead” to Australian retailers

    A survey of more than 2,000 Australian retailers has found the country’s game-sellers less than happy with Xbox 360. According to this GameRush report, PS3 and Wii are seen as the main contenders in the Australian console space now, thanks to Blu-ray and family appeal, respectively. “The Xbox 360 is dead. We are stocking it […]