Super Time Force

Super Time Force to release in late May or early June, says Capybara co-founder

Super Time Force, the insane time-traveling run’n gun platformer from Capybara Games, will release in late May or early June on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, studio co-founder and president Nathan Vella told Joystiq at PAX East 2014. According to Vella, the game’s in QA and will be sent for certification “soon.” Vella added the […]


Super Time Force headlines

  • Super Time Force announced for Xbox One, release moved into 2014

    Super Time Force, the insane time-traveling run’n gun platformer from Capybara Games, will release on Xbox One the firm has announced. It will be published via the ID@Xbox program, and to accommodate the Xbox One version, the release date has been moved to 2014. The game was originally slated for release on Xbox 360 this […]

  • Super Time Force's "single-player co-op" explained

    Super Time Force has players rewinding time to play alongside themselves in a Contra-style platformer; it’s a simple concept, but the gameplay possibilities only become obvious when you see it in action. In this trailer, Capybara Games explains the mechanic for those of us whose brains work best in three dimensions, not four.

  • Super Time Force trailer shows mind-bending levels of teamwork

    Super Time Force developer Capybara Games has release a new trailer for its time-warping shooter. The new clip shows how by using time travel, players can work along side past versions of their team mates to overcome hulking bosses, scores of footsoldiers and deadly traps

  • Super T.I.M.E Force gameplay video: retro shooter action

    Super T.I.M.E Force was featured at this year’s IGF during GDC 2013. During the event, VG247′s Sam Clay caught up with designer, Kenneth Young, who showed-off the retro shooter.

  • Super Time Force XBLA trailer is brilliant, lampoons Saturday morning cartoons

    Super Time Force is a pixelated shooter that is heading to Xbox Live Arcade. Fans of Bangai-O and scrolling shooters in general will get a real kick out of this trailer. The clip pokes fun at Saturday morning cartoons. Satisfy your early 90s self here.