Street Fighter 4

Virgin Gaming partners with Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter Online series

Virgin Gaming has partnered with the Capcom Pro Tour to offer the Street Fighter Online Series, for players in North America, South America and Europe.


Street Fighter 4 headlines

  • Capcom and Twitch form year long Street Fighter league

    Capcom and Twitch are teaming up to form a year long Street Fighter league.

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 fighter breakdown shows off Elena's fancy footwork

    Ultra Street Fighter 4 has a new video available, staring Elena and her adorable pixie cut. Oh, yeah, and her fancy footwork as well. Ultra Street Fighter 4′s digital upgrade will be available in early June for $14.99 (€14.99) on PS3 and Xbox 360. The digital upgrade for PC will follow in August, at $14.99 […]

  • Street Fighter 4 partners with Virgin Gaming to offer real-money matches

    Street Fighter 4 developer Capcom has paired with the UK’s Virgin Gaming service to offer players the chance to win real money by winning matches.

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4's digital upgrade will be available in early June on consoles, in August on PC

    Capcom has provided a more ‘exact’ 2014 release window for Ultra Street Fighter 4 along with pricing as previously it only had a  northern spring 2014 window attached.

  • Street Fighter is not coming to Wii U

    Capcom will not be bringing the Street Fighter series to Wii U any time soon, according to executive producer Yoshinori Ono in response to a fan question on Twitter.

  • Capcom's big Xbox Live sale discounts Street Fighter, Resident Evil & more

    Capcom has launched a big Xbox Live sale, shaving pounds off many games and franchises including Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil.

  • Play Arts releasing Street Fighter's Ken and Sakura figures in August

    Play Arts comes out with some rather superb gaming action figures, and these renditions of Ken and Sakura from Street Fighter 4 are no exception.

  • GTA IV, Left 4 Dead, more added to US Platinum Hits

    Microsoft’s added Grand Theft Auto IV and Left 4 Dead to its Platinum Hits range in the US. Street Fighter 4, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Saints Row 2 have also been included in the line-up meaning you should now be able to pick them up for around $20. No news on any similar […]

  • Mad Catz announces more Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads

    Mad Catz has announced a second round of Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads for this fall. The new Tournament Edition Arcade FightSticks feature new artwork with character-specific FightPads featuring: M. Bison, Guile, Zangief, C. Viper, Cammy, and Sagat. Made for both PS3 and Xbox 360, each are rather cool looking and can be seen […]

  • Capcom hints at possible Street Fighter IV sequel

    Over on Japanese Street Fighter IV blog, writer Natsuki Shiozawa promised that a solid announcement regarding a Street Fighter IV would be made in the near future. Basically it was an announcement about an announcement, but surely Capcom would not even say that if one was in the works. Or would it? Keep in mind […]

  • Street Fighter IV announcement expected next week

    An update to the official Japanese Capcom blog says that Street Fighter IV fans can expect an announcement of sorts next week. Come April 17, this new information is speculated to be one of two things: either the recently-announced Championship Mode or more information regarding the expected PC version. So there ya have it. An […]

  • Still no Street Fighter IV PC date as console launch looms

    Capcom has told videogaming247 that Street Fighter IV PC is still TBD, despite the console launch being only weeks away. “We have yet to announce a specific date for Street Fighter IV on the PC,” a Capcom representative told us this morning. SFIV is set for release on 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 20 […]

  • As many Street Fighter IV screenshots as you could throw a fireball at

    One word: Wow. Below you can see a whole host of screenshots for Capcom’s now stunning looking brawler, Street Fighter IV. Some might be old, but when they look this good, I’m sure you’ll agree that seeing them again won’t exactly hurt. If you ever needed a reason to buy this in February then these […]

  • New Street Fighter footage is mental

    After the break. See Street Fighter IV’s Fei Long fight Abel and watch as they chuck each about, fly through the air and look pretty badass. What else have you got to do on a Friday? SFIV is out for 360 and PS3 on the 20th Feb. By Mike Bowden

  • First reviews of Street Fighter IV are in - does very well

    The first print reviews of Capcom’s Street Fighter IV are in and so far, so very good, reports the Capcom Blog. The Official PlayStation Magazine has given the game 5/5 saying that SF IV is “a proud addition to the Street Fighter legacy that fighting fans will love” and that the fighter “kicks ass and […]

  • New Street Fighter IV screens and video from CES 09

    Capcom has put out a bunch of awesome looking Street Fighter IV screenshots and we implore you to stop, reading, head over to IGN and have a look. Capcom released its Q1 09 release schedule this week confirmed the SF IV hit the shops on February 20. Video after break. By Mike Bowden

  • New Street Fighter IV shots show Cammy in thong [Update]

    Capcom has released a bunch of new Street Fighter IV screenshots showing everyone’s favourite exhibitionist, Cammy – and she doesn’t disappoint. Interested? Of course you are. Head over to Kotaku to see more. Game’s out on 20th February. EDIT: These aren’t new apparently: was was duped. All those shots and more can be found here. […]

  • Street Fighter IV arcade dated

    According to the Capcom Blog, Street Fighter IV will launch in Japanese arcades on July 18. No idea if we’ll see these arcade machines in the West. Still we thought you’d like to know. By Mike Bowden