Three Let’s Play videos for BioShock: The Collection show how lovely the updated games look

2K Games has released a set of Let’s Play videos for the BioShock Collection, giving you a look at the upgrades for PS4 and Xbox One.

Steampunk headlines

  • Second Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch gets tough on those overly sensitive mice

    While the first Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch fixed some crashing woes, it did nothing to keep the player’s mouse from running all over the place. A new patch released today takes care of the annoyance.

  • First Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch addresses crashing and mouse invert setting

    Eidos has released the first PC patch for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with a focus on critical issues reported since yesterday’s release.

  • Day 1 Studios concept art surfaces for cancelled Gotham by Gaslight title

    Concept art for a Day 1 Studios pitch, based on the steampunk comic Gotham by Gaslight, has surfaced thanks to a posting from its artist, Julie Farrell. Discovered by Supererogatory, the UI art was created two years ago, according to, but it looks as though THQ didn’t bite. According to what Farrell told Joystiq, the […]

  • Bungie: We're not making a steampunk game

    After a rumour emerged yesterday that Bungie was shooting photos for a steampunk project, the studio has confirmed the work has nothing to do with its Activision IP.

  • Rumour: Bungie holds photoshoot for "steampunk game"

    Superannuation’s bug up what appears to be a call out for steampunk fans to turn up at Bungie in early June for a photoshoot related to its “steampunk game”. Steampunk game?

  • Ignition releases video for its steampunk adventure Nostalgia

    The first trailer for Ignition’s steampunk RPG/adventure game, Nostalgia, has been released. It’s on past the break. Looks rather cute and fun. It’s out for DS in October.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Betas galore

    Loads of Beta news this week in MMO round-up. IncGamers made good on its promise, and has posted part-two of its Aion Beta preview, Mortal Online’s second stage of Beta testing begins soon, CrimeCraft started its Beta and Alganon is prepping for one. Loads of MMO are going to be coming out soon, and there […]

  • Damnation gets ready for release with new assets

    Blue Omega and Codemasters will release Damnation on Steam, PC, PS3 and X360 in the UK tomorrow, and to get folks ready, some screens and a multiplayer video were handed out. The video is after the break and the screens are over on Shack. Come May 27, North America will get its hands on the […]

  • Damnation video details storyline, villains, super soldiers

    The video posted after the break shows loads of footage from Damnation, along with lead game designer Jacob Minkoff chatting about the villains you will be up against in the game. Looks and sounds interesting, what with all the steam powered machines, guns and what look like super soldiers. Game’s out for PC, PS3 and […]

  • Ignition and Tecmo announce Nostalgia for DS

    Ignition and Tecmo announced today that Nostalgia will be heading to DS in September. Gaming veterans Keisuke Kikuchi (Fatal Frame, Tokobot), Naoki Morita (Sakura Taisen), Yoshiteru Tsujino (Far East of Eden), and Takuhito Kusanagi (Grandia, Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7) have all had a hand in it. Set in an alternate-reality version of 19th-century Earth, […]

  • Damnation assets show off a fine looking game

    Damnation assets popped up over on CVG earlier this afternoon. Five screens and a trailer are posted. Looks mighty fine. You should go take a look. Codemasters confirmed a May 22 release for the shooter on PS3 and Xbox 360 just last week.

  • Damnation shots have guns, acrobatics

    Blue Omega has released a few new shots of upcoming steampunk-inspired shooter, Damnation. Images show some guns, people hanging from things, and a dark, dreary environment. Codematers says it’ll be out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this spring. After the break.

  • Atlus goes steampunk with new MMO Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent

    Atlus Online has announced new free-to-play MMO Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, a steampunk title. Fantasy meets 19th Century steam tech in the game, in which two nations fight over resources and protect their land from invasion. Pets are included, and can be used as battle assistants, guides, healers or thieves. You get around the […]