Steam Charts

Civilization 6 once again dominates weekly Steam Charts, Fallout 4 and Season Pass back on the list

The list of top selling games on Steam by revenue for the week ending October 23 contains one slight surprise and some not so surprising entries.

Steam Charts headlines

  • Civilization 6 dominates weekly Steam Charts, followed by Shadow Warrior 2

    A lot of people pre-ordered Civilization 6 this past week, landing it in a couple of spots on Steam’s weekly top sellers list.

  • Mafia 3 lands in the top slot on Steam's Weekly Sales Chart

    Mafia 3 has topped Steam’s most recent sales chart, and it’s not just at the top of the list – but has three glorious entries.

  • Steam sale charts: DayZ & Rust hold firm, full top ten inside

    Valve has released its weekly Steam sales top ten, with survival sandboxes DayZ and Rust reigning supreme once more.

  • Modern Warfare 2 snags top spot on Steam charts

    Modern Warfare 2 has taken over the top spot on the Steam sales chart. You’ll notice a bit of variety in the list for last week, as the digital download service has a myriad of deals that has people coming out of the woodwork to buy games. Modern Warfare 2 Left 4 Dead 2 THQ […]

  • Aion pre-sell tops latest Steam chart

    Massive unshock from this week’s Steam chart, with the Aion Collector’s pre-sell in at the top, Champions Online in second place and KOTOR in third. Data for the week ending September 13. Last week’s chart here. Aion Collector’s pre-sell Champions Online KOTOR Left 4 Dead Street Fighter IV Braid Counter-Strike: Source Darkest of Days Section […]

  • Champions Online goes straight to top of Steam charts

    Bit of an unshock, but Cryptic’s excellent Champions Online has gone straight in at the top of this week’s Steam charts, seconded only by the Aion pre-order. MMOs, eh? The PC version of Street Fighter IV’s in there at number three, thanks to a 50 percent weekend discount. Data below for the week ending September […]

  • Steam and Direct2Drive PC charts, WE August 22

    Steam and Direct2Drive released the PC charts for week ending August 22. Looks like preorders for the Collector’s Edition for Aion are still selling well. Steam Left 4 Dead Aion Collector’s Edition (pre-order) Counter-Strike: Source Killing Floor Team Fortress 2 Fallout Collection (F1, F2, Fallout Tactics) The Orange Box Hearts Of Iron III Valve Complete […]

  • DoWII tops Steam chart on discount weekend

    Dawn of War II shot to the top of the Steam chart for the week ending August 1, thanks to some heavy THQ discounting on the service over the weekend. Aion’s still looking hot, with its pre-sell knocked down to second place, despite the fact it doesn’t ship till next month. Last week’s chart here. […]

  • Steam charts - Fallout 3 goes top

    What happens when you make games cheaper? More people buy them, hence Fallout 3 leading the Steam charts for the week ending July 5. We’ll do these weekly now NPD’s decided to get all wussy on its PC chart. Fallout 3 ArmA II Dawn of Discovery 2K Huge Games Pack Street Fighter IV Left 4 […]