Monaco dev describes their attitude to player feedback

During the Game Developers Conference this week, Monaco level designer Andy Nguyen discussed how the developers struck a balance between their original vision for the game and what their beta testers suggested.

Stealth headlines

  • Let's Play Payday 2 - Pro bank heist stealth solo play

    Video editor Sam Clay goes lone wolf for this bank job. Gimmie the loot, gimmie the loot!

  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist - new trailer plays the silent treatment

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist is under plenty of scrutiny from hardcore fans of the series. The worry that Sam Fisher has lost his ‘silent ways’. You’ll be happy to know then that the new trailer is solid stealth action, it’s after the break.

  • Abduction is a stealth-based game being built using CryEngine 3

    Abduction is a rather interesting looking stealth game in development using the CryEngine 3, and while it seems a bit dark in the literal sense, there’s a reason for it. According to the developer entry over on the CryDev forums, Abduction players must use the “coat of the darkness” to maneuver and kill their enemies […]

  • Thief Gold sneaks its way onto GOG

    Released back in 1998, Thief: The Dark Project defined itself as a definitive first person stealther. Today, old fans and those new to the scene can enjoy that excellence thanks to

  • Get Velvet Assassin graphic novel when you pre-order game

    Those who pre-order Southpeak actioner Velvet Assassin through GameStop will receive a 15+ page digital graphic novel as a thank you. Based, as is the game, on the life of WWII spy Violette Szabo, the graphic novel was designed by Peter Chung, the creator and director of Aeon Flux. Chung previously had his hand in […]

  • Deus Ex 3 stealth is "cover-based," not in the shadows

    Following the publication of first solid Deus Ex 3 story details yesterday, an Eidos Montreal staffer’s added a few more tidbits in a mail to Voodoo Extreme, including confirmation that the light-shadow stealth system from the previous games has been dropped. Deus Ex 3 is indeed an RPG. It’s a hybrid action/RPG just like the […]

  • New Tenchu IV trailer confirms release date

    The first trailer for From Software’s Tenchu IV has revealed a release date of October 23 for the Wii game, presumably for Japan. Instead of you clambering over one another to see it, we’ve fished it out for your viewing pleasure. View it here. By Mike Bowden