Star Ocean

Square-Enix teaser site points to ‘Star Galaxy’ reveal

Star Galaxy could be the next game to launch in the Star Ocean series, according to internet chatter surrounding a newly-opened teaser site. Square-Enix is in command of the teaser hib, which makes repeated reference to the name ‘Star Galaxy’. Get the details below.


Star Ocean headlines

  • Star Ocean devs show off new engine with tech video

    Star Ocean developer tri-Ace has released a new video showing off its latest graphics engine. The clip features cameos from familiar faces in the RPG series, but is not based on any existing titles from the dev. Watch it below, via Siliconera.

  • Saturday Shorts: Humble Bundle, ARG thanks, EVE, Kinect, Xbox 360

    Happy Easter one and all, no matter how you celebrate it. Even if the rabbit has big, nasty, pointy teeth.

  • Star Ocean producer originally wanted to make erotic games

    Square’s Star Ocean producer Yoshinori Yamagishi was keen on making erotic games at one time. Yamagishi explained to Videogamer: “This is actually a quotation from a conversation I had when I was still talking with Enix before the company merged with top management people,” he said. “I said yes, maybe one day I would like […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope delayed until June in UK

    CVG has learned from Square Enix that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be delayed until June in the UK. Game was expected early this spring, and the US and Japan already have it. No reason was given for the delay, but we’ve contacted Square Enix to see if we can get to the bottom […]