Star Ocean IV

New knockout Star Ocean IV shots and trailer

Square Enix has updated the official Star Ocean: The Last Hope Japanese site to reveal some rather tasty screenshots and a brand new five minute movie. Don’t even bother saying you’ve got something better to do than to check them out. Images are over at Gamersyde, and the trailer’s through here. Now go.

Star Ocean IV headlines

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope to land in April? New screenshots and trailer

    French site Xboxygen claims Square Enix has announced that RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope will release in Europe on April 24. There are also some new screenshots and some brand new footage for you to look at after the break. We’ll check with Square Enix on Monday. Star Ocean: The Last Hope releases for […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshots

    Some new pics of Square Enix’s space RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope have surfaced and the whole thing’s looking very bright and colourful. The fourth iteration in the Star Ocean series is currently pencilled in for an Xbox 360 release later this year. Check them all out after the break. By Mike Bowden

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screens show item creation

    Famitsu has them. As per headline, they show an item creation screen with a purple haired waif in a skin-tight PVC costume showing you how to make stuff. ‘Nuff said. Star Ocean IV is out exclusively for Xbox 360 later this year. More images through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • "No plans" for Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3, says Square

    Following on from the earlier story that the Star Ocean IV US release date moved forward a week, Sqaure Enix has told IGN that there are currently “no plans” for a PlayStation 3 release. “…there are currently no plans for a PlayStation 3 version,” said the development team when asked. Square Enix issued the exact […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks amazing

    tri-Ace looks to be outdoing itself with this new trailer from the Star Ocean series. It’s got someone called Edge Maverick in it, and some bird with green hair. Watch it here. Game’s out March 3 in the US and February 19 in Japan. It will be on three DVDs, if that kind of thing […]

  • Star Ocean IV is a prequel, visit multiple planets

    IGN managed to snag some Star Ocean IV details at E3 this week, revealing that the JRPG will in fact be a prequel. Apparently the game will let you travel to different planets, rather than just being “stuck in one world.” Full thing through the link. By Mike Bowden