SSX, Worms: Battlegrounds part of Xbox Live Games with Gold for December

Microsoft has detailed the games and goodies to be offered to Xbox Live Gold subscribers next month.

SSX headlines

  • SSX update 3.0 is live on PS3, contains two new game modes

    SSX update 3.0 has gone live on PS3, according to an announcement from Sony. The update includes new game modes, and plenty of fixes. Patch notes and information on the new modes, Freeride and 3-2-1 Go! can be found on the EU PS forums.

  • SSX head-to-head multiplayer confirmed in teaser video

    EA Sports still refuses to make a statement on SSX’s rumoured head-to-head multiplayer update, but it’s confirmed it anyway, via the medium of teaser video.

  • SSX multiplayer: New screens hint at full online update - Rumour

    SSX multiplayer has been teased by EA. The publisher dropped two new screenshots that depict full online play on Twitter, as spotted by the GAF community.

  • Coming soon to XBLM - Minecraft, SSX, Back to Karkand

    Microsoft has updated its Xbox Live content schedule, and the releases kick off today with the Forza 4 May Top Gear Car Pack and classic characters for SSX.

  • New SSX trailer shows off Mt. Eddie and Tricky

    EA’s released a brand new trailer and pile of screens for SSX and it gives you a sneak peak of one of the game’s upcoming content drops – The SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters DLC pack. The trailer shows some of the classic characters which’re part of the pack as well as giving you […]

  • SSX DLC to add whole new mountain, seven classic characters

    Familiar faces from SSX 3 and SSX Tricky can be yours thanks to the first major DLC update for the rebooted SSX.

  • EA teases SSX Tricky DLC for SSX

    EA has teased a puzzle of some sort in relation to SSX, with fans of its Facebook page putting together pieces suggeting it’s for DLC linked to SSX Tricky. The puzzle shows a still mostly-obscured mountain with the new SSX logo, but shows Elise in her Tricky diggs. Thanks, Gamerzines.

  • Tesco selling ME3 and SSX for £25, Saints Row for £22

    Tesco is promoting massive discount on big name AAA titles in a UK national this morning. The UK supermarket is advertising Mass Effect 3 and SSX for £24.91 and Saints Row: The Third and Street Fighter X Tekken for £21.91. Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics for Wii is advertised as £20. The offer […]

  • UK charts: SSX is king of the mountain

    SSX has entered as the new UK number one, kicking off Uncharted: Golden Abyss from the top of the summit.

  • SSX's nostalgia effect: looking back down the slopes

    As SSX launches today in the UK, early indicators are its everything previous games have been and thensome. Johnny Cullen looks back at early SSX installments and why he’s planning a return to the slopes after seven years.

  • SSX launches in US, reviews less than tricky: all the scores

    SSX’s launched in the US today, and with it, the embargo for reviews has now lifted. So far, reviews have kept the scores very hot for the snowboarding reboot. Get them below the break. If you have any links to add, you know the drill. It launches today on PS3 and 360 in the US, […]

  • SSX trailers show off Siberia, Alaska, and Patagonia

    Despite the fact that a week contains seven whole days, EA Sports prefers to release all its SSX trailers at once. Check out the amazing landscapes of Siberia, Patagonia and Alaska, as well as the new TV spot.

  • It's EA Sports season: SSX retains its Deadly Descents

    The second of EA Sports’ major titles dropping in a crowded first quarter has a ready-made fan base, but the challenge of progressing your rider and an engaging multiplayer suite mean there’s more to SSX than 90’s extreme sports fever.

  • SSX demo - video of tutorial and first mountain run

    The demo for the new SSX reboot has gone live on Xbox Live Marketplace. Watch it in action below.

  • New SSX trailer show Rockies, Antarctica, more

    Over the weekend someone pointed out to EA Sports that there aren’t enough days remaining until launch for its current video schedule. I like to imagine this influenced its release of five trailers at once.

  • SSX demo due in next week's console update

    We’ll finally get our hands on a taster of the SSX reboot in just a few days.

  • SSX trailer highlights the Himalayas

    It’s a good thing SSX is the biggest game in the series so far, because it means there’s still new stuff to see in the barrage of trailers – for example, the world’s most famous mountains.

  • SSX tracklist confirmed, features DJ Shadow and Skrillex

    EA’s confirmed the full line-up of music for SSX, including tracks from DJ Shadow and Skrillex. There’s a load of other people I’ve never heard of there, but that doesn’t mean they’re not rinsin’, or whatever the fuck people say these days. Get the lot below. SSX, EA Canada’s snowy reimagining, releases for PS3 and […]

  • SSX trailer highlights Elise's Uber Signature

    EA Sports’ regular weekly SSX character profile this time re-introduces fan favourite Elise Riggs and her La La La Lockstep.

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