Xbox One to get 60 frames per second live sports channels

24/7 channels will deliver sports video content with integrated real-time stats and highlights.


Sports headlines

  • PS Move-compatible Cricket title in development for PS3

    Atindriya Bose, country manager of SCE India, has confirmed that a PS Move-compatible PS3 sequel to Street Cricket Champions is in development.

  • SEGA staffer interview outs new sports title

    A mysterious new sports game has been outed by an interview with SEGA Studios Australia producer Kim Sellentin.

  • Wii fitness trial "surrenders to laziest pupils"

    Campaign For Real Education spokesman Nick Seaton has battered a Worcestershire school trial which uses Wii games to encourage pupils that consistently miss sports lessons to be physically active. “I think most sensible parents will think this is surrendering to the laziest pupils, it cannot possibly be any replacement for serious games and competition between […]