Large Activision publisher sale on Steam discounts Call of Duty, Prototype, more

Activision has put the majority of its library on sale through Steam this weekend, and if other titles weren’t included, it could be referred to as a Call of Duty sale.


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  • Large Activision publisher sale on Steam discounts Call of Duty, Prototype, more

    Activision has put the majority of its library on sale through Steam this weekend, and if other titles weren’t included, it could be referred to as a Call of Duty sale.

  • Call of Duty, Spider-Man & more discounted in Activision Steam sale

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just got its first trailer, so it’s no coincidence that the whole series and other Activision games are currently discounted on Steam. Or is it?

  • PS4: The Dark Sorcerer “the minimum quality you can get on the console”

    Quantic Dream’s stunning PlayStation 4 demo The Dark Sorcerer is just the beginning of unlocking the hardware’s potential, according to David Cage.

  • Quantic Dream’s PS4 title has been in the works since mid-2012

    Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer, Quantic Dream, was amongst the first developers to receive PS4 dev kits and began pre-production on its as-yet-unnannounced PS4 title in the middle of last year, the company’s vice president has told Eurogamer.

  • Quantic Dream’s PS4 project: “You’d be amazed” by it, says Cage

    Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage has shed some light on the scope of Quantic Dream’s yet-unannounced PS4 title in a new interview.

  • Quantic Dream domain registration suggests a PS4 title is in the works

    Quantic Dream filed a domain registration back in the fall for something called, which possibly points at one of the two games it is working on for Sony.

  • Steam summer sale, July 4: Fallout: New Vegas for nearly £10, Bully for under £2.50, Singularity for fiver

    Time for some wallets to be raped even more: Steam’s gone live with its new offers in its summer sale, offering amongst others Fallout: New Vegas for £8.99. Also included in the offers is Bully for £2.49, Singularity at £4.99, Alpha Protocol at £3.74 and Homefront at £14.99. There’s more here. Go spend some money!

  • Direct2Drive weekend sales slash Two Worlds II, Rift and Acti triad

    Start your time off right by giving less money for games than you would otherwise, thanks to Direct2Drive’s weekend sales.

  • Lewie’s Weekly Deals: RDR, Mario Anniversary, ACII, loads more

    Big gaming news today: Some games are cheap. True story. Forget about that other game which just came out, and save money on some older games. Remember to regularly check for all the gaming discount related news you could ever need. Check after the break for this week’s selection.

  • Report – 20-40 people laid off at Raven Software

    According to reports from Shack and Kotaku, 20-40 people have been laid off at Singularity developer Raven Software.

  • Singularity trailer shows off the multiplayer

    Activision has released a new trailer for Singularity, featuring the multiplayer mode.

  • Singularity video shows the Time Manipulation Device’s deadlock function

    Activision has released a new trailer for Singularity, featuring the deadlock function of the Time Manipulation Device, and how it slows the momentum of moving objects. It’s below the break, courtesy of BigDownload. Also, those who pre-order Singularity from Amazon will get an exclusive Singularity graphic novel, penned and illustrated by David Atchinson, Christopher Morrison, […]

  • Video – Singularity’s Time Manipulation Device

    Activision has put out a new video for Singularity, which is part one in a four-part series. This particular one features the age and revert function of the Time Manipulation Device and how it works within the game’s environment. Developed by Raven Software, Singularity ships for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 25 in […]

  • Singularity – Cause and Effect video

    The newest video for Raven Software’s FPS Singularity may be called Cause and Effect, but it really just shows us how cool it would be to bust some shit up and then put it back together again with the handy-dandy Time Manipulation Device attached to your wrist Apparently, you can also use it to suck […]

  • Buy Singularity, get Prototype for free

    Singularity’s out on June 29, and to get you even more excited for the time-traveling shooter, for a limited time you can get Prototype free as a purchase incentive.

  • Report: Square announces Extreme Edges label

    According to this Examiner piece, Square’s announced an Extreme Edges label to categorize its western games.

  • Singularity gets new trailer, June 29 release date

    Raven and Activision gave FPS Singularity a date of June 29 through a new video released for the game. It’s below the break, courtesy of GameTrailers. The time traveling shooter was originally scheduled for fall 2009, but was delayed into Q1 2010 due to Modern Warfare 2′s release. Last month, an internal memo from GAME […]

  • Singularity pushed off, Acti claims no date set

    Looks as though Raven FPS Singularity’s been shunted off into summer 2010, with Activision now claiming no date was ever given for the game.

  • Report: Wolfenstein developer reduces staff by 30-35 people

    Raven Software has made 30-35 employees redundant at its Wisconsin studios. Activision has confirmed the lay-off to Kotaku, but declined comment on the exact number of people affected. “With the recent completion of both X-Men Origins Wolverine, based on the summer blockbuster movie, and Wolfenstein, the next chapter of the famed franchise, Raven Software is […]

  • ActiBlizz: Shareholders, analysts concerned over possible StarCraft 2 delay

    Shareholders are apparently a bit worried that Activision Blizzard may face some financial obstacles by the end of the year, what with shares in the company falling 14 percent in the past month. The main concern, reports MarketWatch, is ActiBlizz’s current release schedule, shifting Singularity into 2010, and the growing assumption that StarCraft 2 may […]

  • Singularity screens start to shine

    Raven’s decided to join in the Comic Con fun today, releasing new screens of the now-delayed Singularity. They’re on Shacknews. The shooter’s looking sharp, what with its killing and time manipulation, and whatnot. It’s out next March for 360, PS3 and PC.

  • Singularity getting the graphic novel treatment

    Activision and Twistory Studios along with Image Publishing plan to release a graphic novel for Singularity. David Atchinson of the Occult Times Taskforce, Davide Fabbri (Heavy Metal and Dark Horse’s Star Wars), Christopher “mink” Morrison(Dust, 13 Chambers and Dark Horse’s upcoming Shinjuku) and Yoshitaka Amano, and Tom Mandrake(Batman, The Punisher) are teaming up to bring […]

  • Singularity delayed to Q1 2010

    Raven and Acti Blizz have delayed Singularity until the beginning of next year to keep it our of Modern Warfare 2′s all-smashing super-snowplough. Sensible. “The level of excitement for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 coming out of E3 well exceeded our expectations and therefore we have decided to move Raven’s upcoming sci-fi first person action […]

  • Activision: It’s “absolutely critical” Singularity gets a demo before release

    Activision’s producer for Singularity, Kekoa Lee-Creel, has said that it’s “absolutely critical” for the game to have a demo released before it hits retail. “The shooter market is saturated, it’s tough to break in right now when there’s a lot of great, well-established franchises,” he told Develop. “We’re definitely on track to release a demo. […]

  • Singularity’s E3 trailer has gameplay, guided bullets

    Singularity’s E3 trailer’s after the break, and it includes a good chuck of gameplay, time-warping, puzzles and some kind of “follow the bullet” thing. For killing people, like. The game’s set on an ex-Soviet island, and involves lots of people dying. It’s out later this year.

  • Activision at E3 – strong line-up announced

    Activision’s confirmed which of its titles will be on hand at E3 next week. You know Modern Warfare 2 and Guitar Hero 5 will be there: here’s the rest: Blur (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) DJ Hero (PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) Guitar Hero 5 (PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (DS, PSP, […]

  • Raven: “We’d love for there to be more Singularity games”

    Singularity creative director Jon Zuk has admitted ambitions for more games to follow the fledgling FPS, but said Raven is “presumptuous” enough to assume the new IP will spawn sequel. “Of course we’d love for there to be more Singularity games,” Zuk told VG247, “but right now we’re concentrating on making this first game as […]

  • In-game Singularity movies show time-manipulation, environments

    Raven’s released two proper gameplay movies from upcoming shooter Singularity, showing how the game’s ageing mechanic can be used to manipulate environments and kill enemies. Get them after the break. You can regrow trees to create barriers and make young men so old they die. It all looks very swish, if you ask us. The […]

  • Singularity to be exactly the same for PC, PS3 and 360

    Raven’s Singularity is to be deliver the same experience across all formats, Raven’s told VG247, thanks to the developer’s cross-platform experience and the use of Unreal Engine 3 for the game. “We are developing across the X360/PS3/PC simultaneously,” said the title’s creative director, Jon Zuk. “Each platform has challenges, but you’ll get the same experience […]

  • Singularity has age control, not time travel

    Bet you all thought Raven’s Singularity was just going to be “another” time-travelling shooter, didn’t you? Not so. The nuclearafied Cold War FPS allows you to control the age of objects, not the flow of time. We know because we asked. See: VG247: The whole “time-control” mechanic is pretty well-worn now. How will Singularity freshen […]