Precinct crowdfunding cancelled, backers won’t be charged

Precinct, touted by a couple of Sierra veterans as the spiritual successor to Police Quest, has been indefinitely shelved after its crowdfunding campaign failed to draw sufficient interest.


Sierra headlines

  • Precinct Kickstarter is a spiritual successor to the Police Quest series

    Sierra veterans Jim Walls and Robert Lindsley have announced Precinct, a spiritual successor to the Police Quest series, has landed on Kickstarter.

  • Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Alan Wake, Saints Row: The Third and more on sale this weekend

    Sales galore are happening this weekend through the usual PC outlets Steam, Get Games, GoG, and many others. Some of these are rather cheap: Battlefield 3 is on sale for $10; Skyrim can be yours for $27; Defcon is a whopping 37ยข; Legend of Grimrock is $7.49; both Alan Wake games are $19.99; Saints Row: […]

  • Quest for Glory series released on GOG

    All five installments in Sierra’s classic Quest for Glory are now available to purchase on Good Old Games.

  • Space Quest creators team up for new Spaceventure

    The adventure renaissance is luring the genre’s talent back to its roots; Space Quest creators Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy are back in the saddle for a new Spaceventure.

  • Good Old Games adds Zork and Police Quest packs

    If playing action games has restricted your vocabulary to the “dude bro” sections of the dictionary, it may be time to go old school. Good Old Games have expanded their catalogue with two anthologies requiring use of the old noggin – Zork and Police Quest.

  • Red Baron Arcade lands on the US PlayStation Store

    Red Baron Arcade is out today, exclusively for the PlayStation Store. The original game was released by Sierra back in the 90s, and was considered the number four Best PC Game of all Time by Computer Gaming World. Amazing. The arcade-shooter format was been updated for PS3, and has 20 WWI aircraft for you to […]

  • "Ghostbusters will be published," says Randel

    In wake of the recent news that Ghostbusters: The Videogame has been put out to tender, Terminal Reality boss Mark Randel told videogaming247 today that the game will be published. “Ghostbusters will be published,” said Randel. “That’s all I can say at the moment.” Ghostbusters wasn’t the only Sierra casualty of the Activision Blizzard merger, […]

  • IGN: Ghostbusters: The Video Game "has the pieces in place to become a solid affair"

    IGN has what we’re pretty sure is the the first hands-on of Sierra’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and it seems the site was suitably impressed. “Although it’s way too early to sit here and give you the final word on Ghostbusters, I can tell you that it seems like it has the pieces in place […]

  • New Ghostbusters footage posted

    After the link. See associate producer Ryan French walk you through Sierra’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game, revealing how you get cash for upgrades for every ghost you capture but conversely get billed by the city for all the damage you cause. Loads more after the break. Looking good we think. By Mike Bowden

  • European console releases - week ending Friday 27 June

    European Nintendo fans who haven’t caved in and bought a Freeloader, or re-bought a copy of Twilight Princess simply so they can mess around with a save game file, can finally get their hands on Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week. If that is not enough smashing for you, then how about Sierra’s The Bourne […]