Crackdown now free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Crackdown is now available free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers.


Shadowrun headlines

  • Shadowrun Returns is latest project to pop up on Kickstarter

    Harebrained Schemes is the latest to join Kickstarter with a project needing a helping hand. In this case, it’s for Shadowrun Returns, which has until April 29 to reach its goal of $400,000. So far, 3,547 have backed the title with $165,815 and counting. Any excess funds will be put to releasing a Mac version […]

  • Browser-based Shadowrun Online announce

    Shadowrun’s making a return with a browser-based online game, its been announced this morning.

  • Live play now free for three games

    Shacknews has done an amazing phone trick and called PR people to confirm that, as has been rumoured for the last day, some games are now free to play on Xbox Live. Universe at War, Shadowrun and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition can now be played online with a Silver Live account. All three games are […]