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  • Interview – Vanquish’s Atsushi Inaba

    Platinum Games doesn’t make normal things. It just doesn’t. Hair-clad butterfly witches, a game show about wanton murder, and all kinds of other kooky ideas are just another day at the office for Platinum’s intrepid crew of oddballs. And in a world full of gray, stoic, gray shooters, the kind of zaniness that Platinum peddles […]

  • Sega: No plans for new hardware,”We’re a software company”

    Sega has said that they are a software company and will not be getting back into hardware anytime soon, despite rumours suggesting otherwise.

  • First Vanquish gameplay trailer is the best kind of crazy

    David vs. Goliath? Booooring. Try David vs. hundreds of giant robotic Goliaths, and David’s slingshot is a gun the size of small whale. That’s Vanquish in a nutshell, and while we obviously haven’t gotten our hands on the game just yet, a brand new gameplay trailer from, er, GameTrailers has us counting down the days […]

  • New Vanquish screens are action incarnate

    If Vanquish was a food, it’d contain 1000000% of your daily value of gunsplosion action punches. Also, a bit of calcium.

  • Sega not finished with mature Wii titles after all – just more casual-focused

    No mature games on the Wii? Puh-leeease. Sega catered to your every limb-severing whim with The Conduit, Madworld, and House of the Dead: Overkill, but you were too busy petting Poniez and partying with Babiez to notice. So Sega cleaned up its blood-spattered act and swore off mature Wii games forever. Except that, turns out, […]

  • Obsidian shoots down Sony tester’s Alpha Protocol criticisms

    No one – short of Sony, Sega, and maybe God – knows whether or not that leaked SCEA-Sega doc is real or not, but that hasn’t stopped Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian from treating it as such. (Granted, Obsidian is working on a game about spies. Maybe it knows something we don’t. Hmmm.) Responding to a […]

  • New Resonance of Fate trailer shoots first, asks questions while doing so

    Tri-Ace has just released a new trailer for its upcoming firepower-powered RPG Resonance of Fate (known as End of Eternity in Japan), and it’s looking pretty awesome. If you’ve been wanting more stylish, slow-mo shooting in your life, this game looks to fit the bill. There’s also pulse-pounding orchestral music and impeccably coifed anime characters. […]

  • Rumor: Yakuza 3 “currently” being localized for Western release

    Well, that was quick. After being declared a “big point of discussion” by Sega a mere three days ago, 1UP‘s reporting that Yakuza 3 is now being localized for a Western release. Quite a turnaround time, that. The news comes from “sources close to the project.” Great news for all you wannabe Japanese mafiosos if […]

  • Obsidian: Want to know more about Aliens RPG? Ask again in 2011

    Don’t get the wrong idea, now. The Aliens RPG is still very dead, but if you’d like to sift through its grizzly remains, mark your calendars for February 2011. “It’s a tough thing for us, because it means we’re all still under a non-disclosure agreement, at least for awhile,” Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquardt told Joystiq, […]

  • Platinum Games “hard at work” on Bayonetta demo

    During a Japanese demo event called, er, “Feel Bayonetta,” producer Yusuke Hashimoto said that Platinum Games is prepping a demo of its upcoming actioner. “We’re currently hard at work on it,” said Hashimoto. “It will be more than just a demo that’s pulled from the middle of the game. We’d like to make it so […]

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines’ release hinges on Aliens vs. Predator, says Sega

    Speaking with G4, Sega president and COO Mike Hayes said that Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on track to be released… someday. The “when” of that alien bursting from Sega’s chest hinges on the success of Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator, Hayes said. “I think the detail of that [release date] is probably still too […]

  • Now you see Bayonetta’s effects, now you don’t

    A recent entry on Platinum Games’ blog explains exactly what effects are by showing us what Bayonetta looks like without them. For those who’d rather hear an explanation of all these visual flourishes using the clunky, unfitting art of language, effects are generally things like fire, smoke, and whatnot. Without them, Bayonetta looks kinda weird. […]

  • Empire: Total War demo coming later today

    Sega has informed Shacknews that a demo of Creative Assembly’s latest look-at-all-the-ants strategy title will be released on Steam today at 4.00pm GMT (11 am EST). The demo’s contents are still under lock and key, but really, it’s a quick demo. Why spoil it? Game’s set for a March 3 release date in America – […]

  • Sega secures new “arcade game machines” trademarks

    Sega recently filed two software trademarks in the U.S. and Europe called Ringedge, Ringwide and a third, which is a mysterious logo with rings. Both Ringedge and Ringwide have been trademarked for “stand alone video game machines, and arcade game machines with built-in screens” according to Siliconera. Maybe this means we will start seeing more […]

  • Sega announces Iron Man 2 movie tie-in

    Sega announced this morning that Marvel and the development team behind the first Iron Man game are hard at work on a sequel. The game is slated to be released simultaneously with the Iron Man 2 movie in May 2010. Not much else was revealed except, like the previous title, the game will be a […]

  • Phantasy Star Portable gets US release date

    For those of you in the US eagerly awaiting Sega’s Phantasy Star Portable for PSP, your months of pining are almost at an end. According to Joystiq, the game is slated to be released on March 3. Expanding on the RPG’s 360 version, Phantasy Star Universe, the game will feature four player ad-hoc missions, over […]

  • Phantasy Star Zero given winter 2009 release date

    Sega’s Wi-Fi enabled DS RPG, Phantasy Star Zero, has annexed winter 2009 as its own. It is, as expected, a videogame. Apparently, it’ll allow you to murder tiny monstrosities with up to four of your friends, either through local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Additionally, 350 unique weapons will surely test the limits of your […]

  • Sonic Unleashed a little bit delayed in North America

    Japan still has Sonic bound-and-gagged tightest, but North America’s now officially detaining the blue hedgehog-man as well. Probably as some kind of symbolic gesture. According to IGN, Sonic Unleashed’s PlayStation 2 and Wii iterations will arrive on schedule, but after that, the scrambling begins. First up, the game isn’t hitting North American Xbox 360s until […]

  • Sonic Unleashed delayed until 2009 in Japan, still on track in West

    Well this is strange. According to a report by Siliconera, Sonic’s latest adventure won’t be making a pit stop in Japan until spring of 2009. However, the game’s release date remains unaffected in other territories. And that’d be fine – if not for one perplexing detail. Apparently, Sega is slowing Sonic’s Japanese release in order […]

  • High Voltage decides on Conduit publisher, likely Sega

    It’s been quite a long month, but a little FTP excursion by IGN may finally have uncovered The Conduit’s shadowy publisher. According to the site’s report, Sega recently snuck a “The Conduit” folder onto its public FTP site, hinting strongly that the house that destroyed Sonic will publish High Voltage’s mega-hyped Wii FPS. Apparently, an […]

  • Platinum Games collaborating with ESRB, but MadWorld release iffy in censorship-happy territories

    Is no game better than a diced-to-pieces, heavily censored game? Sega and Platinum Games seem to think so. According to MTV, the two companies’ gore-splosion of a collaborative effort, MadWorld, won’t be seeing a release in violence-shy countries like Japan, Australia, and Germany. At least, not yet. Only after MadWorld showers the US with red […]

  • Sega Sammy to lay off 400 staff

    Double ow. According to this, Sega’s laying off 400 staff on the back of disastrous financials for the fiscal year so far. The company has revealed losses of 15.77 billion yen for the nine months to December, compared to a profit of 49.38 billion yen the year previous. “Due to Sega failing to respond to […]