Sean Bean

Poor Sean Bean dies yet again in the latest Kholat trailer

Kholat, the survival horror title from Imgn.Pro and Wohoo Games based on the death of nine Russian hikers in 1959, has a new trailer available and considering the game’s narrated by Sean Bean, well, you know he dies in it. He tells you as much in the video.

Sean Bean headlines

  • Sean Bean to narrate indie horror Kholat

    Game of Thrones (temporary) star Sean Bean, best known as “that guy who dies in almost everything he’s in”, has signed on to narrate indie horror game Kholat.

  • Train Simulator 2014 launch trailer is narrated by Sean Bean

    Train Simulator 2014 is out today, but before you all rush out at once have a look at this live-action launch trailer. It’s surprisingly affecting, acting as a love letter to trains and making sense of why such a niche title exists in the first place. Oh, and it’s narrated by Sean Bean. Prepare your […]