Scourge: Outbreak

Scourge: Outbreak now available via Steam for Mac and PC

Scourge: Outbreak is a third-person shooter which originally saw the light of day as an Xbox Live exclusive in July 2013, but has now made the jump to Mac and PC.


Scourge: Outbreak headlines

  • Scourge: Outbreak - developer driven gameplay video

    Scourge: Outbreak is today’s XBLA title, and is available now. The developers behind the title, Tragnarion Studios, went out their way to deliver us a gameplay demo with developer commentary. You should check it out below.

  • Scourge: Outbreak now available through Xbox Live

    UFO Interactive Games and Tragnarion Studios have announced the availability of Scourge: Outbreak on Xbox Live. Players will help reveal the past of Echo Squad and features four-player co-op support throughout the six-plus hour campaign. It also includes PvP modes for up to eight players. A co-op trailer is posted below. Scourge: Outbreak will run […]

  • Scourge: Outbreak releasing on Xbox Live in July

    UFO Interactive Games in partnership with Tragnarion Studios has announced a July release for Scourge: Outbreak on Xbox Live.

  • Scourge: Outbreak PSN detailed, release date 'soon'

    Scourge: Outbreak is the third-person shooter from Tragnarion Studios, and it has just received a new batch of explosive co-op screens over at the PlayStation Blog. An announcement regarding the game’s PSN release date shouldn’t be too far off either.

  • Scourge: Outbreak infects PSN, XBLA, Mac this summer

    Scourage: Outbreak has been announced for a release this summer on PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and Mac this summer by Tragnarion Studios. The third-person shooter will feature co-op of up to four players, with up to eight players on TDM, DM and Capture the Flag across five maps. Joystiq has more.