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  • Report – First Halo re-releasing on November 15

    It looks as though the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake is indeed headed for release, presuming inside sources are correct.

  • Inversion announced, developed by TimeShift’s Saber

    Namco and TimeShift developer Saber Interactive have announced Inversion, a third-person shooter featuring the ability to reverse gravity. Sounds funky. The game takes place during an alien invasion that sounds pretty much like an excuse to be able to spin the environment around a lot with pockets of funny gravity stuff. Call us cynical. Joystiq […]

  • Timeshift developer Saber Interactive at work on “several titles”

    TimeShift developer, Saber Interactive, has revealed that it’s currently using Havok Destruction software for use in several games in the works. No title announcements were revealed in the press release, but Saber’s COO Andrey Iones talked nice about the software, saying it allowed his team to save time, money, and bring “complexity to the fully […]