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Halo Online is a F2P PC game in development exclusively for Russia – video

Halo Online is a free-to-play game which will launch this spring in Russia, and is in development with Saber Interactive.


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  • Halo 2: Anniversary Edition heading to Xbox One November 11 - rumour

    Halo 2: Anniversary Edition and the Halo 5 beta will be upon us in November, and Crackdown 3 is on the way, according to the latest batch of Microsoft rumours.

  • God Mode now available on Xbox Live, lands on Steam later today

    God Mode, the third-person shooter from Saber Interactive’s Old School Games, is now available through Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points. It will be made available later today on Steam for PC, and you have three hours left to get 10% off before the game unlocks. Those who prefer to play it on PS3 will […]

  • God Mode due next week, cheaper on PC pre-order

    Saber Interactive’s unabashedly light-hearted third person shooter God Mode is due later this month. Destructoid reports the downloadable title will set you back $10 on Steam, but is available for pre-order at $9. It’s also headed to Xbox Live Arcade. Expect both versions on April 19, with the PlayStation Network release due on April 23. […]

  • Saber Interactive announces co-op shooter, God Mode

    God Mode is the latest shooter from Saber Interactive, the studio behind Inversion.

  • Saber Interactive's Inversion now available on Steam

    Namco has announced Inversion is now available on Steam for PC. The game, which contains multiplayer modes for up to 12 players online and co-op modes, was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 last week. Hit up the game on Steam through here.

  • Inversion release fixed for July 13, PC on July 27

    Namco said today that gravity-based shooter Inversion’s released has now been confirmed for July 13 on 360 and PS3. A PC version will follow on July 27. The Saber-developed game, originally intended to hit in February, has slipped twice this year. Watch a video of it in action after the break.

  • Inversion behind-the-scenes video and iOS app released

    Namco has released a behind-the-scenes video for Inversion, which features developers from Saber Interactive offering providing an extensive rundown of the game’s inception, story, and a look at the gravity-based gameplay. There’s also a new, free app available called The Inversion Project available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app serves as the “perfect […]

  • Inversion delayed into July

    Inversion has been delayed to July, according to a report on Eurogamer. Namco announced in January the game would miss its intended February release window in order for Saber Interactive to polish the game a bit. The title was then set for a June 5 release in the US and a release in Europe set […]

  • Inversion release date set for June, mobile version announced

    Namco Bandai has ponied up a release date for Saber Interactive’s Inversion.

  • Inversion gets three new multiplayer movies

    Don’t forget about Namco’s Inversion. It still exists, it’s still upside down and it still features a full multiplayer suite, unless these videos are elaborate lies. The gravity-bending shooter was delayed recently for “polish,” and we’re still awaiting a date. See what’s going on with it below.

  • Inversion shots go heavy on multiplayer

    Namco’s given CVG ten new shots of inversion, featuring the game’s multiplayer. The gravity-based, Gears of War-like shooter was set to come out worldwide next month, but was recently delayed for more polishing time. A new date is expected soon. It’ll arrive on PS3 and 360.

  • Namco: Inversion to miss February release in order to "polish several key aspects"

    Namco has announced it has Saber Interactive’s gravity-bending shooter Inversion has been delayed. Originally set for release in 2010 before being moved to February 7, 2012, the game will now be released “sometime during early 2012.” Speaking with Gamespot, the publisher said the additional development time would “allow the team to polish several key aspects […]

  • Inversion trailer proves gravity is very dramatic

    In case you’re yet to understand what Inversion is all about, this latest trailer makes it very clear. Turn things upside down, and then shoot them.

  • Inversion trailer introduces the three Gs

    That’s guns, grenades and gravity, according to Namco Bandai, in this new trailer for third-person shooter Inversion.

  • Quick shots - Inversion art goes upside down

    Ten points off for the obvious headline, but there are only so many ways to say “gamescom is vomiting assets”.

  • Inversion gamescom trailer is all about your partner

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating around. With guns.

  • Float like a butterfly, drop like a brick – Inversion hands-on

    Saber Interactive aims to make telling left from right, and up from down exceedingly difficult with its gravity-defying shooter. Read onward to see if Stace Harman experienced vertigo, or not.

  • Halo Anniversary to run two engines side by side

    Halo Anniversary will allow players to switch back and forth between classic and updated graphics in real time, because the game is essentially running two engines simultaneously.

  • Inversion trailer gets a bit Escher-esque

    Oh, sure, you shoot things on the horizontal plane all the time, but how often do you get the chance to combat an invasion force streaming up the side of a skyscraper? Not often enough.


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