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  • Steam launches for Mac tomorrow, Portal and Torchlight first up

    Valve just said Steam’s Mac release will begin tomorrow, May 12.

  • “Serious effort” made to get Torchlight onto consoles

    Action RPG Torchlight is coming to consoles, if comments by developer Runic Games are anything to go by.

  • Schaefer says Torchlight’s an effort to perfect the RPG genre

    Max Schaefer, co-founder of Runic Games and Blizzard North has said that while there are similarities between Torchlight and Diablo, it’s nothing more than trying to “perfect the style” the teams has been working on since the 90′s. ‘We plead guilty to trying to perfect a style of game we’ve worked on since the early […]

  • Torchlight demo and patch released, Schaefer chats about game

    There’s a patch available for Torchlight over on BigDowload. We’re sure it’s also available at whatever file site you prefer. It’s only for the version purchased directly from Runic Games, if you got it elsewhere, check with that outlet for it. Bad news about it, is that you will have to uninstall the game before […]

  • Torchlight to get boxed retail version in January

    Runic Games has revealed that come January, Torchlight will hit retail outlets. That means you will have another option should you decide digital purchases are not your thing. Made developers who previously worked on the Diablo franchise, BigDownload has confirmed that the boxed version will be published by Encore Software and the first patch along […]

  • Runic would like to see Torchlight hit Xbox Live Arcade

    Runic Games’ Max Schaefer has said that he would like to see the firm’s Torchlight released on Xbox Live Arcade. So far a downloadable title only for PC, the RPG will have online elements added to it at a later date, which is what is keeping the developers from releasing it via XBL for the […]

  • Runic Games to release Torchlight October 27

    Runic Games has announced that Torchlight, its action RPG with randomly generated levels, will hit October 27 via digital download. The single-player game has three classes to choose from – the Destroyer, Vanquisher and Alchemist- and an interesting sounding retirement option for maxed out characters to hand over benefits for newly created ones. Those who […]

  • Runic Games emerges from Flagship’s ruins

    Runic Games has announced its existence in wake of the Flagship Studios’ closure last month. The new team will feature some of the old Mythos crew, which hopes to continue with action-RPG MMO titles. From the press release: The former Flagship Studios Seattle team is proud to announce their reformation as Runic Games ( As […]