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  • Runescape’s Wilderness to be reinstated

    The Wilderness, Runescape’s most dangerous, deadly and loot-tastic zone is back – and so is trading. What does this mean to you? It mean you should gather up all your best gear and hide it somewhere very safe before somebody bangs you over the head and loots your corpse to trade it all off.

  • NPD: Turbine’s DDO is the third most played MMO

    NPD has released its annual survey results for online gaming, and according to the 19K people who participated in it, DDO Unlimited was the third most played MMO out there.

  • Study: US spent $3.8 billion on MMOs last year

    According to a Today’s Gamers MMO Focus Report by and TNS, Americans spent an eye-watering £2.55 billion on MMOs last year.

  • Dutch court sentences teens to community service for virtual theft

    Yahoo is reporting that a Dutch court has convicted two teenagers to 360 hours of community service after they stole a “virtual amulet and a virtual mask” and promptly added the items to their accounts in RuneScape. “These virtual goods are goods (under Dutch law), so this is theft,” said the court after it had […]

  • Vince Farquharson new Runescape boss

    Vince Farquharson has been appointed the new head of UK-based developed Jagex’s hugely popular MMO Runescape, writes Edge. Farquharson will oversee the Runescape expansion after work as creative director and development director for THQ for the last three years. We wish Vince Farquharson all the best in his new job. By Mike Bowden

  • New look, high-detail RuneScape shown off

    Jagex has shown a video of stupidly popular browser MMO Runescape running in an all-new high detail, full-screen version. After the break. The update is currently in beta and isn’t dated as yet. More than 130 million people have played the fantasy game since it launched in 1999.