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  • Total War: Rome 2 assets show new features, Battle of Teutoburg forest

    SEGA has sent over a video featuring the Battle of Teutoburg forest in Total War: Rome 2 The video also demonstrates the game’s new true line-of-sight system, deployable battlefield tech, and ambush scenarios. Some lovely new shots were also sent over as well. Rome 2 is expected sometime in 2013 for PC.

  • Total War: Rome 2′s latest faction reveal is the Arverni

    The Arverni have been revealed as the latest faction for Total War: Rome 2. You ca find out more on the Gallic tribe through the game’s wiki. The tribe is “feared and respected among all the barbarian factions,” due to their fierce warriors and an understanding of gold-working and metal craftsmanship. Gallic tribes sacked Rome […]

  • Total War: Rome 2′s latest faction reveal is the Iceni

    The lasted faction reveal for Total War: Rome 2 is the Iceni. These fellas are a “violent tribe from the south of Britain,” sporting body-paint and they are “renowned for their use of highly maneuverable chariots in battle.” A screenshot of the faction is below, and more information on the faction can be found through […]

  • Total War: Rome 2 – latest playable faction revealed as the Macedonians

    The Macedonians have been revealed as the next playable faction for Total War: Rome 2. A shot of the Shield Bearers infantry unit is below. In the game, the Hellenistic nation yearns “to return to the glory-days of Alexander The Great,” but it is hemmed in by other Greek city-states which aren’t very trusting of […]

  • Total War: Rome 2 – first playable faction revealed

    Total War: Rome 2′s first playable faction has been revealed as the Romans and SEGA has said more factions will be revealed in the “coming weeks and months.” The strategy title will feature Greco-Roman, Barbarian, and Eastern cultures, each with its own agents and political system. Faction trees will represent civic, military and engineering disciplines, […]

  • Total War: Rome 2 video shows nine minutes of gameplay

    Total War: Rome 2 is coming next year from The Creative Assembly, and Gamespot has posted nine minutes of gameplay footage featuring the battle of Carthage. Game’s expected sometime in fall 2013 on PC. Thanks, Evil Avatar.

  • Total War: Rome 2 releasing in October 2013, according to book deal report

    Total War: Rome 2 could be hitting stores in the fall next year, according to The Bookseller.

  • Total War: Rome 2 won’t have always-online, but will require Steam

    Total War: Rome 2 will require Steam in order to quell piracy issues, but The Creative Assembly is stopping short requiring always-online for the title.