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  • New add-on coming for Halo Wars July 21

    A Halo Wars add-on called Historic Battles has been announced for July 21. It will run you 800 MS Points ($10.00) and contains four new maps and four new Achievements. Here’s the breakdown: Barrens (1v1 Map): Difficult terrain channels units into killing zones. The side that controls the Forerunner artifacts will have the advantage. Blood […]

  • Halo Wars: Details released for Title Update 3

    Robot Entertainment has released a list of fixes included in Title Update 3 for Halo Wars. It is expected to arrive in just a few weeks, and here’s what you can expect: Balance Changes UNSC Warthogs Gauss cannon damage against tanks and other heavily armored vehicles reduced by 25% UNSC Warthogs build time increased by […]

  • Halo Wars to get patched soon, multiplayer bugs to be fixed

    A Halo Wars title update’s on the way, according to the game’s official site. A release window wasn’t provided, but the post said players can expect fixes to some matchmaking bugs, and a few other minor bits. Two things of note though: the Prophet of Regret’s speed on land will be reduced to match the […]

  • All studios formed by ex-Ensemble staff, in case you’re confused

    Rock Paper Shotgun has listed the new studios formed by now-defunct Ensemble Studios on one pretty page. It’s a good thing, because we know most people are prone to ADHD, and lists help keep your brain cells organized. Without further ado, here’s the breakdown: Robot Entertainment: Started by Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman in Texas with […]

  • Robot Entertainment developing extra content for Halo Wars

    Robot Entertainment is developing extra content for Halo Wars, as well as providing community support for Age of Empires. The news was confirmed via press release this morning after word broke over the weekend that ex-Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman had formed the new company. “The video game industry is in a state of upheaval,” explained […]

  • Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman forms Robot Entertainment

    Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman and some of his team members have formed a new development studio, Robot Entertainment. Ensemble worked mainly with the RTS genre, most notably Age of Empires.  Microsoft purchased the firm in 2001 and then shut it down once Halo Wars was completed. What’s Robot working on? Undisclosed. Thanks, Gamasutra