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  • Infinity Ward pulls controversial “F.A.G.S.” Modern Warfare 2 trailer

    Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier this weekend, Infinity Ward posted a Modern Warfare 2 trailer that was jokingly sponsored by “Fight Against Grenade Spam.” Instead of uproarious laughter, however, Infinity Ward’s jest was met with the regular, bad kind of uproar. So, in response, the developer’s wiped the video off the face of the […]

  • Infinity Ward confirms third-person mode for Modern Warfare 2

    Speaking with Kotaku, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling became the first person to confirm the inclusion of a third-person mode in Modern Warfare 2. “3rd Person is a new playlist mode in Multiplayer,” he said. “So you can play your favorite playlists [or] game types, like Team Deathmatch just standard, or in Hardcore mode ([with] limited […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 has a “ridiculous” amount of customization

    Robert Bowling’s London appearance has netted all sorts of information, and it does not stop there. Turns out, Modern Warfare 2 has customization options for the hardcore gamer that are “ridiculous” in options, according to Infinity Ward’s creative strategist. “The beta is really just the tip of the iceberg at this point, we’re really just […]

  • Infinity Ward explains international matchmaking in Modern Warfare 2

    Apparently, there has been some confusion over how matchmaking works for international users in Modern Warfare 2. To help set things straight, Robert Bowling has posted a bit of an explanation over on the official forums. Here is a taste: The functionality you’re asking for, the ability to connect to BEST connection rather than first […]

  • Infinity Ward: We’ll do something different when we run out of ideas for Call of Duty

    The Internet may be showing all the textbook symptoms of Modern Warfare 2-mania, but it’s never too early to start anticipating Infinity Ward’s next game. Well, okay, this might be jumping the gun a bit, but still. Videogamer asked Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling about his company’s next project, to which he replied: “Honestly we have […]

  • Robert Bowling discusses Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling chatted a bit with GiantBomb during the recent Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer event in LA. In the video interview, posted below the break, Bowling explains why the developers felt the need to show off the new mulitplayer to the press, discusses why the game is not “considered a sequel”, talks about […]

  • Custom killstreak details revealed for Modern Wafare 2

    Custom killstreak details for Modern Warfare 2 emerged thanks to a preview in the latest issue of PSM3 Magazine. Looks like MW2 allows for mixing and matching rewards to fit your skills, which means that newer players can look forward to getting rewards for smaller strings of kills. Those who are considered “veterans” can receive […]

  • Hans Zimmer confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 score

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that Oscar winner Hans Zimmer is the composer of Modern Warfare 2′s score. This is his first video game focused work, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Reports yesterday had this rumored, so it’s good to get confirmation on it. You just know it will be one badass […]

  • Infinity Ward will not be “taking pages out” of World at War’s book

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has told GamerZines that Modern Warfare 2 will “not take a page out of World at War’s book”. The subject was posed when the online magazine asked if Infinity Ward would be returning the favor to Treyarch after the firm admitted its multiplayer was influenced by the original Modern Warfare. “We’re […]

  • Vehicles will not be part of Modern Warfare 2′s multiplayer

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has told GamerZines that vehicles will not play a part in Modern Warfare 2′s multiplayer. “We never put vehicles in multiplayer,” he told the site. “Our focus is on fast-paced infantry combat, where you’re never reliant on transportation. What we do have is expanded Killstreak Rewards now, some of which are […]

  • Dual wielding implemented in Modern Warfare 2

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 players will be able to dual wield sidearms in the game, which is a first for the series. During a GameCrazy showing of the single-player mode, Bowling showed off the ability – called Akimbo – using two Desert Eagle pistols. “Now to calm some initial […]

  • Infinity Ward reveals cast for Modern Warfare 2

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed some of the actors who will appear in Modern Warfare 2. Keith David, who has starred in many movies, has previously lent his voice to such games as: Halo 2 and 3, Mass Effect, Saints Row 1 and 2, Lords of EverQuest, PlaneScape: Torment, and the original Fallout. Kevin […]

  • Infinity Ward clarifies “no Modern Warfare 2″ Beta talk

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has weighed in on earlier news that Modern Warfare 2 will not be getting a public Beta. Instead of rehashing what he said, we will let the man tell you himself, via his blog. I wanted to clarify the supposed “news” coming out of GameCom this morning regarding no MW2 Beta. […]

  • 50 Cent and others lending voices to Modern Warfare 2

    50 Cent has lent his voice to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, according to his official website. Confirmed by Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward, the rapper is one of a few “casual cameos in the game, none of which I can name at this point,” said Bowling. Fiddy’s site shows him at the studios […]

  • Infinity Ward says more than two Modern Warfare 2 map packs possible

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has told MTV Multiplayer says that just because two maps will be released for Modern Warfare2 post-launch, does not mean more will not come at a later date. “As far as DLC goes, we love it and plan to support ‘Modern Warfare 2′ heavily with post-launch support,” he told the site. […]

  • Prestige Edition for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to be “unboxed” this weekend

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has tweeted that a Prestige Edition for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be released, and what it contains will be revealed through an “unboxing” video. “In final design meeting for the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition (CE). Filming unboxing video of what it contains this weekend!” Hopefully soon we’ll […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 will have two-player Special Ops mode instead of co-op

    Modern Warfare 2 will not have a campaign co-op mode, but will instead have two-player Special Ops. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling said that this was so the story wouldn’t be “ruined”. “We don’t do co-op in our story because we’re crafting a very specific experience and we don’t want to ruin that by cramming co-op […]

  • COD4 reaches 11 million unique players on Xbox Live

    Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling revealed during his acceptance speech at the BAFTAs last Tuesday night that Call of Duty 4 has raked-in 15 million unique online players since launch. The split is heavily skewed towards Live. “I’m delighted that we just reached 11 million unique players on Xbox Live and we’ve got over 4 million […]