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  • Rumor: Retro Studios working on Donkey Kong title

    Somehow we missed this the other day, but it looks like there’s another rumor to add to the growing list of possible announcements at E3 this week. This one is all about the Gorilla.

  • Retro doesn’t rule out possible return to Metroid franchise someday

    During a studio tour of Retro Studios in Texas, IGN chatted a bit with president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh about the possibility of a return to the Metroid franchise. “I think Retro will always be associated with the Metroid Prime franchise and who knows, maybe we’ll do another one someday,” Kelbaugh said. However, he did […]

  • Retro Studios looking for new staffers

    On IGN. The Metroid developer is looking for a creative director and a senior engineer. Take a look.

  • Nintendo will “continue to work alongside the team at Retro”

    Nintendo has responded to reports this morning that three senior staffers had been “escorted” from Retro’s premises, and the statement isn’t the most upbeat. “We still continue to work alongside the team at Retro and no official announcements as to its status have been made,” the company told CVG. “All existing reports are rumour and […]

  • Senior Retro staffers “escorted from premises”, closure rumour scotched

    According to Shacknews, “design director Mark Pacini, art director Todd Keller, and principal technology engineer Jack Mathews were escorted” from Retro Studios’ premises “last Friday”. The news comes after several rumours popped up this week that the outfit was closing. The site claims this simply isn’t true. IGN posted this last night, confirming the departures. […]