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Red Steel 3 will happen “if we have an audience”, says director

Red Steel 2 director Jason Vandenberghe has said a sequel will happen for the series, but only if it will “have an audience”.


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  • Red Steel 3 will happen “if we have an audience”, says director

    Red Steel 2 director Jason Vandenberghe has said a sequel will happen for the series, but only if it will “have an audience”.

  • Red Steel 2 moves 50K copies in 12-days, according to NPD

    According to NPD numbers for March, Wii-exclusive Red Steel 2 sold 50K copies since its March 23 release.

  • Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 review scores “mixed”

    Ubisoft’s Jason Vandenberghe has said scores for Red Steel 2 so far are “acceptable” but “mixed”.

  • Red Steel 2 reviews are out, get rounded up

    Time to reviewify your asses: the Red Steel 2 scores embargo has gone kaput. Round-up is below.

  • Red Steel 2: “If fans don’t want us to make a sequel, we generally won’t”

    Red Steel 2 creative director Jason Vandenberghe has clarified to VG247 remarks he made last month, saying a potential sequel will be decided by several factors.

  • Interview: Red Steel 2′s Jason Vandenberghe

    Ubisoft’s second Red Steel game hasn’t been without its controversies. The sword-fighting Wii outing raised eyebrows by putting all its eggs in MotionPlus’s basket at E3 last year – a move later described as a “huge risk” by the dev team – and has found itself in what conventional wisdom increasingly dictates is an area […]

  • Ubisoft thought about re-branding Red Steel 2

    After a lackluster first installment, “Red Steel” isn’t exactly a brand gamers associate with quality. Ubisoft knew this, and even considered burying that ugly little memory under a new sword-swinging, gun-slinging IP. So why didn’t the publisher finish off the Red Steel franchise while it was down?

  • Arc “could work fantastically with Red Steel 2, Natal wouldn’t be a “natural fit”

    Red Steel 2 “could work fantastically” well with PlayStation Arc, according to creative director Jason Vandenberghe. Natal? Not so much.

  • Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 success “absolutely crucial” for IP

    Ubisoft’s said in a interview that if Red Steel 2 isn’t a big success it’s kaput for the series.

  • Red Steel 2 gets violent in new trailer

    Ubisoft’s put out a new video for Red Steel 2, which is below.

  • Red Steel 2 has more locales than just the desert, says director

    Creative director Jason Vandenberghe has said that there will be other places besides the desert to visit in Red Steel 2, as well as weather effects, a day and night cycle, and some interesting inhabitants in the city of Caldera.

  • Red Steel 2 hits Europe on March 26

    Ubisoft has confirmed that Red Steel 2 will hit European retail on March 26. It was revealed through a new video released today, and posted below the break. A while back, it was announced for release in the US on March 23. Watch onward.

  • Red Steel 2 down for March 23 in US

    According to the game’s official website (as noticed by GoNintendo), Red Steel 2 now has a US release date of March 23.

  • Ubisoft cuts Red Steel 2 sales predictions in half

    Ubisoft has revealed that its lowered sales expectations for its MotionPlus game Red Steel 2 by half.

  • Red Steel 2 “95% complete”

    Red Steel 2 is 95 percent complete, or 90 percent ready if debugging is included, Ubi’s told Famitsu on a trip to Paris. Which is handy; it’s out in March.

  • Ubisoft releases new Red Steel 2 video

    Ubisoft’s released a brand new video of Red Steel 2: a tutorial showing mostly swordplay for the game. Watching it, the graphics definitely have that XIII feel to it anyways. Find it over at Eurogamer. The game will be out next year on the Wii.

  • Red Steel 2 director says game will get a February or March 2010 release

    Red Steel 2′s creative director, Jason Vandenberghe, told G4TV during TGS that the game is looking for a release sometime around February or March 2010. “You can look for Red Steel 2 somewhere around…Middle end of February, early March, something in there,” said Vandenberghe. “We don’t have an exact date but we’re shooting for it […]

  • Ubisoft: Preorder deals at GameStop for Red Steel 2, Rabbids Go Home

    Unbisoft and GameStop have teamed up to offer you, the consumer, two preorder deals should you decide to reserve Red Steel 2 or Rabbids Go Home. Plunk down a fiver for Red Steel 2 and you will net two in-game swords, or choose Rabbids Go Home and get two in-game Rabbids dressed like Assassin’s Creed […]

  • Red Steel 2 dev – “We’ve beaten the waggle”

    Wii’s waggle is dead. It is no more. Red Steel 2 and Wii MotionPlus has killed it, Jason Vanderberghe, the game’s creative director, has claimed. “Wii MotionPlus gives us the ability to measure how hard you’re swinging… As a result of that, we’ve beaten the waggle,” said the developer, talking in this video. “You can’t […]

  • Ubisoft confirm line-up for TGS

    Ubisoft’s announced it’s line-up for the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place from September 24-27. Full list, headlined by Assassin’s Creed II, is below: Assassin’s Creed II Splinter Cell: Conviction Avatar: The Game Red Steel 2 Rabbids Go Home And for each game you play, you get also get a free t-shirt, which depends on […]

  • Guillemot: Splinter Cell and Red Steel delayed for “additional polishing time”

    If you thought there was some big conspiracy behind the recently announced delays of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2, prepare to be disappointed. Turns out, Ubisoft just thought the two games could use a bit more time in the powder room. “The changes on Splinter Cell and Red Steel – it’s just a […]

  • Ubisoft delays Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2 until 2010

    Ubisoft’s announced it’s delaying Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2 until Q4 2009, which normally tends to mean January – March 2010. The news comes from Ubi’s Q1 2009 financial report. Q1 is suddenly the new Q4. As well as them two, Ghost Recon 4 and I Am Alive have been delayed until fiscal […]

  • Ubisoft releases a new developer diary for Red Steel 2

    A developer diary for Red Steel 2 is posted after the jump, and if you are interested in slinging swords and shooting things in a wild-west setting,  you should have a watch. The Wii exclusive will arrive on North American shores November 10, with a UK date to be announced. Via GamingUnion.

  • Red Steel 2 wouldn’t work on other platforms, says Ubi

    There’s no chance of Red Steel 2 appearing on any other console that Wii, creative director Jason Vandenberghe has said in this fan Q&A. “Red Steel 2 is Wii exclusive, and Wii MotionPlus exclusive,” said the developer. “The core gameplay of intense, 1st-person swordplay simply doesn’t function the way we want it to without the […]

  • Red Steel 2 to be bundled with WMP, per Ubisoft press event

    A Red Steel 2 trailer was shown at Ubisoft’s E3 presser. It showed a desert, a swordsman controlled by the player surrounded by enemies. Swordsman pulls out a gun, hits baddie with sword and shoots him while he was down. That’s the dual-wielding weapons thing the devs have been talking about. The harder you swing […]

  • MotionPlus-only Red Steel 2 is “huge risk,” says Ubi

    Red Steel only works with Wii MotionPlus. This may or may not be a particularly clever idea. “It’s a huge risk,” creative director Jason Vandenberghe said in the latest Nintendo Power. “We have no idea what the penetration rate for Wii MotionPlus will be. We assume high. We would like it to be high.” Not […]

  • Ubisoft to announce Holiday line-up at E3

    Ubisoft will announce it’s Holiday 2009 line-up during a June 1 press conference at E3. The invitation only event will be broadcast online for the public the next day via it’s official website. Assassin’s Creed II, Rabbids Go Home, and Red Steel 2 will be demoed, along with an appearance from special guests and the […]

  • Ubisoft responds to leaked Red Steel 2 trailer – sort of

    Looks as though the Red Steel 2 trailer released yesterday was not intended for public viewing, but was supposed to be an “internal only” release. Ubisoft said that the pre-production trailer was never intended for a general release and refused further comment on it – or the mention of Destination PlayStation at the end of […]

  • Red Steel 2 gets first trailer

    There’s a first Red Steel 2 trailer after the break, showing that swords and cowboys do definitely mix. The Wii exclusive uses Wii MotionPlus for your weapons, and looks very nice. Let’s the marketing translates into “fun”. Take a look. It’s out later this year.

  • Red Steel 2 details surface, lacks multiplayer

    Red Steel 2 details have surfaced, and there’s loads more to it than just making use of of Wii MotionPlus. For starters, multiplayer is not included in the game. Ubisoft said that this has more to do with the developer’s focus on the single-player and hacking each other to death with swords. It does, however, […]