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  • PSP Comic Store set to close

    SCEA announced that the Comic Store for PSP on the PS Store is set to close on 30 October and that content will not be purchasable after this date.

  • Namco Bandai reveal Digimon Adventure RPG for PSP

    Tai, Agumon, and the Adventure cast return in this surprising announcement!

  • Sega files trademark for Shining Ark

    Sega has filed a trademark for Shining Ark, possibly a continuation of The Shining series.

  • Gungnir out now for PSP, new trailer released

    Atlus has released a brand new trailer for Gungnir, which is a new strategy role-playing game developed by Sting Entertainment for PSP. The game is set in a medieval fantasy setting, and deals mainly with topics such as racial discrimination that are prevalent even in present times. The game’s is out now in North America. […]

  • Final Fantasy Type-0: First ten minutes

    Square’s released a direct feed video containing ten minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 footage titled the “Opening.” The name indicates that the clip features the game’s opening moments. However, it’s listed as a “special edit”, so the video might not be a exact replication of the game’s intro. The game releases in Japan on October […]

  • New Suikoden announced for PSP

    Konami made a surprise announcement at a Tokyo Game Show stage event for tri-Ace’s Frontier Gate by disclosing that a new entry in the Suikoden RPG series titled Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki is in development for the PSP.

  • New screens from Final Fantasy Type-0

    Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy title is headed for the PSP soon, but until it releases we’ll just have to gorge on these quality PSP screens.

  • Amazon holding buy-one-get-one July 4th sale

    We may not all be celebrating American Independence Day today, but we can all celebrate the ridiculous deals that have sprung up as a result.

  • Sony introduces engine for PSP to PS3 HD ports

    Sony has revealed the new engine that has been powering their HD remake ports of classic PSP games onto the PS3.

  • PSP Dual Pack line-up announced

    Sony’s announced a new PSP “Dual Pack” line-up of games today, which will feature two PSP titles in one package and cost $14.99.

  • Black Rock Shooter: The Game confirmed for PSP

    Imageepoch has announced at Tokyo conference today that a popular anime, Black Rock, will be getting its own PSP game.

  • Ready at Dawn's next game to be like Uncharted, reveal coming "soon"

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta’s right around the corner, meaning that Ready at Dawn’s just about to embrace the PSP in an awkwardly lengthy hug and permanently part ways with the portable. So, what’s next?

  • Famitsu: Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed... for PSP

    Have you been marking down the days on your calendar until Valkyria Chronicles makes its glorious return to the big, beautiful realm of HD? Well, you might want to go ahead and grab a few new calendars. Does Costco sell calendars?

  • Report: Sony debuting an iTunes-like media service for PS3 and PSP later today

    Connect is dead. Long live whatever this thing is gonna be called!

  • SCEE: PSP now aiming for a "younger" crowd

    How are you feeling today? Creaky? A tad grizzled? How does a bowl of ice cream sound to you? Like unnecessary calories and an increased risk of diabetes? Can you explain – in a few excessively enthusiastic sentences – what a “Bakugan” is? No? Then the PSP probably isn’t for you anymore.

  • New 3rd Birthday footage shows difference between living monsters, dead monsters (hint: it's bullets)

    “She’s got no chance against them! It’s a suicide mission!” We’re not so sure about that, guy who shows up half-way through this new 3rd Birthday gamescom footage. Have you seen the rest of the trailer you’re in? No? Well, you’ll be singing a different tune after you click past the break and check it […]

  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PSP doesn't forget series' roots, goes 2D

    After finishing up work on 2008’s Prince of Persia, Ubisoft Montreal pulled the game development equivalent of its previous prince’s sand-based snafu and took a trip back in series time with The Forgotten Sands. As it turns out, the team at Ubisoft Quebec City did the same thing, only with more magical time sand. A […]

  • April NPDs - everything in one place

    When you hear the word “April,” what do you think of? Chocolate rabbits? Practical jokes? Finally taking down your Christmas lights? Well, we think of videogame sales. That’s all we think of. Ever. See inside our minds after the break.

  • Nintendo not afraid of Apple? Maybe it should be, says survey

    Portable gaming is Nintendo. Whether you’re spending your morning commute with a PSP, Nintendo DS, or Neo-Geo Pocket (RIP), to most passers-by, that little slab of plastic in your hands is a Gameboy. And oh, hey, 129 million sales. Nintendo’s throne is unassailable, right? But we can remember a time when console gaming was the […]

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