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  • US leads world with greatest number of PSN accounts

    The Playstation Network outage has impacted PS3 users worldwide, but which country suffered the most? Let’s find out.

  • The Weekly Wrap – ApocalyPSN, Project Café and more

    This week, we’ve decided to blather on for 15,000 words about PSN and the Royal Wedding. Kidding. Mostly.

  • Microsoft issues statement regarding PSN outage

    A Microsoft representative has issued a statement to Electronic Theatre regarding the ongoing PSN issues, which are plaguing users worldwide.

  • The Weekly Wrap – Skyrim, Portal 2 backlash, PSN Outage

    You are cordially invited to discuss the week’s happenings. If you refuse, we’ll spoil Portal 2. GlaDOS kills Dumbledore. You’ve been warned.

  • Super Stardust HD to get 'Impact Mode' DLC

    Sony has announced some new Super Stardust HD DLC for spring release, titled the “Impact Mode.”

  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to get PSN release

    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the classic third-person adventure game staring vampire soul-sucker Raziel, will be releasing on the EU PSN tomorrow as a PSone classic.

  • Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena releasing on PSN next week

    More Arc the Lad games are going to hit PSN soon.

  • Patapon 3 multiplayer demo coming next week

    Getting tired of your usual multiplayer diet of gritty first-person shooters, but don’t think rhythm games have enough violence and/or eyeballs? Have you been in touch with a genie lately? Because your incredibly specific wish has been granted.

  • Reminder: PS3 firmware 3.40, PlayStation Plus now available [Update]

    Update: For all Euro members who got a year’s sub to PS Plus, LittleBigPlanet is now on the PS Store for free. It comes in at a hefty 2039Mb. Original Story: Remember that thing Sony tried to fit around Kevin Butler’s speech at E3? We think it was called a “press conference” or something like […]

  • Rumor: Sony to reveal premium PSN+ services at E3

    Rumor has it that Sony’s set to reveal a premium for PSN called PSN+ during its E3 media blast.

  • PSN experiences total blackout, causes some offline games to stop working [Update 2]

    Update: Sounds like the PSN outage’s only part of the problem. PS3s that haven’t suckled at the Internet’s bounteous teat for years are reverting their clocks to 12/31/1999 for some reason. If we didn’t know about Sony’s strict no-mad-scientist policy, we’d swear this was part of some larger conspiracy. Thanks, Joystiq and lindblum_resident. Update 2: […]

  • Rumor: Dead Space: Extraction, Planet Cracker invading XBLA, PSN

    In space, no one can hear you scream. At least, that’s what we thought until we played Dead Space, which had us screeching in pitches so high that our beards threatened to leave us for better men. Fortunately for our poor hearts, two Dead Space-themed games – Dead Space: Extraction and Planet Cracker – will […]

  • Sony's CES keynote: PSN coming to Blu-Ray players, TVs, and PCs next month

    Your PSN’s so fat, it doesn’t sit in your PS3 – it sits in outlying Sony products around your PS3! That incredibly juvenile third grade holdover more or less describes the goal of Sony Network Entertainment, an upcoming expansion of PSN.

  • PlayStation Network is three years old, folks

    SCEA has announced today that the PlayStation Network is three years old this week. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. “We are extremely proud that in just three years into its lifecycle, PlayStation 3 and the unmatched digital offerings of PlayStation Network have helped to redefine the connected home entertainment experience,” said SCEA’s Patrick […]

  • PS3 firmware 3.10 to introduce Facebook functionality, other tweaks

    Not to be outdone by the Xbox 360′s upcoming social media frenzy, Sony’s been doing a little super-poking around of its own. The result: PS3-powered Facebook updates. If you so choose, the PS3 will soon be able to update your Facebook status each time you earn a Trophy or make a purchase on the PlayStation […]

  • Meet the new Earthworm Jim, same as the old Earthworm Jim

    Yesterday’s announcement that Gameloft had picked up the rights to give your Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii a case of the worms wasn’t exactly clear on what form said creepy-but-not-crawly would take. Would it be a new game, or would it be a port of a classic earthworm escapade? G4 asked Gameloft, and promptly received […]

  • Confirmed: Braid a lock for PSN

    IGN‘s received word from Hothead Games that the rumored PSN port of Braid isn’t just some practical joke cooked up by those kooky pranksters on the German ratings board. The platform-puzzler is set to hit both North American and European PS3s. However, no other details — like release date or price — have been given. […]

  • Rumor: PSN cards coming to Europe, launching with PSP Go

    Belgian site appears to have cracked open a hidden vein of European prepaid PSN cards, and will share its bounty with everyone else on October 1. The PSP Go — in all its download-only glory — also launches on October 1, so pairing it with PSN cards makes sense. The cards will apparently come […]

  • Metalocalypse games coming to PSN/XBLA

    Metalocalypse, the popular Adult Swim show about a five-man metal band and their hilarious hijinks, is stepping onto the videogame stage in the form of a downloadable title for PSN and XBLA, according to the Wall Street Journal. Titled Metalocalypse: Dethgame, the game won’t star the totally metal (and not much else) quintet. Instead, it’ll […]

  • Reverse shooter Retro/Grade coming to PSN

    In Soviet Russia, Retro/Grade plays like a normal shooter. Everywhere else, though, it moves in reverse. Sounds confusing, right? Well, a recent post on The PlayStation Blog explained the self-proclaimed “reverse shooter” in more detail. The story goes like this: You’re Rick Rocket, and you just saved the universe. Congrats! The champagne, parades, and small […]


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  • Six brand new Punisher: No Mercy screenshots

    There’s still no word on when multiplayer FPS The Punisher: No Mercy will be released, but while you’re waiting for the PSN game take look at some new screens depicting Frank Castle’s idea of revenge. It looks rather painful. Once the game goes live you will also be able to play as Barracuda, Bushwacker, Jigsaw […]

  • SOE hopes PS3 will be half its business

    In an interview with GameDaily, Sony Online Entertainment Chief John Smedley placed his hopes for the future atop the bank accounts of PSN’s virgin masses, voicing his belief that SOE’s formerly PC-centric business will successfully open up shop in the console market. “I think PS3 will be close to half our business,” he said. “There’s […]

  • PS3 Trophy error pops up, Sony to hammer it down – eventually

    According to a CVG report, PS3 Trophies’ ability to, er, do nothing in particular has run into a potentially shelf-smashing error. Apparently, after PSN users alter their PSN ID or password, Trophy data can become “corrupt.” Should that happen, certain games will then notify players that Trophy data has failed to sync – sometimes leading […]

  • Capcom a “prolific PSN publisher,” receives branded PS Store for effort

    The first in what is likely to be a long series, Capcom has earned the keys to its very own digital PSN storefront. Why? Because, as Capcom product manager John Diamonon said, the publisher is “supporting Playstation Network like no other company.” “Out of all of the third-party companies making use of the digital space, […]

  • Final Folklore packs in US PSN update this week

    So says this. You won’t be getting any more, so fill your boots. Full list: Games and demos – Conflict: Denied Ops demo (free) – 888Mb – Neopets: Petpet Adventures – The Wand of Wishing ($15.99) for PSP Expansions and add-ons – Rock Band ($1.99 each) – “Siva” by Smashing Pumpkins, “Working Man” by Rush […]

  • Euro PSN downloads for January 31

    Devil May Cry 4 for free’s probably pretty good. And Theme Hospital! It’ll never get better than that. Devil May Cry 4 demo (free) MX Vs ATV Untamed demo (free) Fade to Black PSone game (£3.49) Motorhead PSone game (£3.49) Theme Hospital PSone game (£3.49) PixelJunk Monsters trailer (free)

  • Sixth Folklore DLC pack is final one, says Sony

    According to this, the fifth and sixth downloadable Folklore content packs will be the last from Sony. The fifth pack is called Nightmares, the sixth titled Visions of the Tower. No word on when the content’s going to be available as yet.