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GamesCom Day One: All the EA and Sony stuff in one post

Day one is rounding up at GameCom and if you missed out on any of it, we’ve got you covered. It’s all here in one lovely post. From Peter Moore sporting shorts and chatting on stage with Katarina Vitt, to Ray Muzyka not giving us a Mass Effect 2 date – that was the EA […]


Psn Cards headlines

  • Sony's GC Press Event: PSN cards coming to Europe

    During today’s Sony GamesCom presser, the console-maker confirmed that PSN cards are coming to Europe. They’ll be available in €20 and €50 varieties. The liveblog contains all knowledge. Worship it with your eyes.

  • Rumor: PSN cards coming to Europe, launching with PSP Go

    Belgian site appears to have cracked open a hidden vein of European prepaid PSN cards, and will share its bounty with everyone else on October 1. The PSP Go — in all its download-only glory — also launches on October 1, so pairing it with PSN cards makes sense. The cards will apparently come […]

  • PSN cards to spread to more retailers in October and November

    SCEA’s announced that PSN cards are to become more available in the US over the next few months, with more retailers getting in on the act in October and November. The cards will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, select Sam’s Club stores in October 2008, and at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores in November. […]

  • US PS3 pre-pay cards hit Blockbuster

    According to this US PS Blog, you can now buy PlayStation 3 pre-pay cards in Blockbuster. There’s a video after the break of a man actually walking into a Blockbuster and actually picking some up. Actually watch it.

  • Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid get PSN cards in September

    According to this US PS Blog post, Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid will all be stocked with PSN cards as of September. The news comes after it was rumoured tonight that GameStop won’t be stocking the cards until next year. More through the link.

  • GameStop won't have PSN cards until 2009

    Kotaku’s carrying what purports to be an internal email from GameStop that claims the US retailer won’t be selling PSN cards until next year. Apparently GameStop isn’t yet equipped to activate the cards. Which is a shame. They’re already out and are being stocked by Midwest chain Meijer. More through the link.