Titanfall Xbox One and Xbox 360 pre-order offers $10 Xbox Live credit

Get a little digital credit with your pre-order of Respawn Entertainment’s mech shooter from the Microsoft store.


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  • Titanfall Xbox One and Xbox 360 pre-order offers $10 Xbox Live credit

    Get a little digital credit with your pre-order of Respawn Entertainment’s mech shooter from the Microsoft store.

  • GTA 5: New locations, pre-order items leaked

    GTAGaming has unveiled what appear to be images of pre-order bonuses and in-game locations for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5.

  • Crysis 3 pre-orders get original Crysis for free

    Electronic Arts has announced that those who pre-order Crysis 3 will receive a digital download of the original entry in the series for free.

  • GTA 5: New pre-order artwork surfaces

    Yesterday brought the official confirmation of a Spring 2013 release window for Grand Theft Auto 5, with pre-orders beginning next week, on November 5. Today, a user on the GTAForums has spotted an apparent piece of pre-order artwork for the upcoming blockbuster. Check it out for yourself below.

  • 007 Legends pre-order details revealed

    Activision has unveiled the goodies you’ll be getting if you pre-order 007 Legends for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America.

  • Papo & Yo gets pre-order details, launch trailer

    PSN puzzle-platformer Papo & Yo is officially available for pre-order, starting today.

  • THQ confirm UFC Undisputed 3 Pre-order Bonuses

    THQ has released the details on their US pre-order incentives for their upcoming mixed martial arts brawler UFC Undisputed 3.

  • Rising Star Games reveals King of Fighters XIII’s PAL Pre-order Package

    Rising Star Games have revealed their plans for a robust ‘Pre-order Package’ that will be rewarded to those who place an order for their upcoming sprite-based fighter King of Fighters XIII.

  • Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga pre-orders to score art book

    Atlus has revealed its pre-order bonus plans for the re-release of Divinity II, along with a new trailer.

  • Red Faction: Armageddon US pre-order bonuses detailed

    Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart are all offering pre-order incentives for Red Faction: Armageddon, with some nice incentives for fans of unique boom-sticks.

  • Rockstar releases LA Noire boxart, US pre-order info

    Rockstar’s released the boxart for LA Noire. It’s swanky stuff. So’s the swag you’ll score with a pre-order.

  • Portal 2 pre-orders open, detailed

    Valve has confirmed that Portal 2 is now available for pre-order.

  • Japanese queue for 3DS pre-orders after shortage warning

    Following reports that Japan will have only 400,000 3DS units at launch on February 26, instead of the promised 1.5 million, Japanese punters are taking to the streets to ensure they have a unit day one.

  • Marvel Vs Capcom pre-order bonuses detailed for UK and Ireland

    Capcom’s dropped details on British and Irish pre-order goodies for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and appears to be going in heavy with the t-shirts.

  • Enslaved pre-order incentives detailed, include books

    Namco just confirmed Enslaved pre-order goodies for Amazon UK, Play and others.

  • Halo: Reach up for pre-order now

    With Reach Mania now picking up pace nicely, Play’s offering Bungie’s next Halo title for £40, beta access and all.

  • Medal of Honor pre-order open, game releasing “fall”, site launched

    EA’s put the Medal of Honor site and pre-order. You can only book it in the US at the moment. The publisher’s also confirmed the EALA/DICE shooter for a fall launch on all formats. Take a look at the site. There’s a great quote on there from the Tier 1 School of Killing Machines. “Most […]

  • Pre-order Diablo III for $60 right now

    Gamestop’s cranked up the retardotron for the day, having decided to offer pre-orders on Diablo III despite the fact the game has no hint of a release date and absolutely no pricing information whatsoever. Yours for $60. “Official pricing and release dates have not been announced by Blizzard,” warned the US retailer. “Price and release […]

  • MAG offering goodies for 7-Eleven pre-orders

    American people: if you’re planning on buying Zipper’s MAG for PS3 in January, you could do worse than pre-ordering it from 7-Eleven. As detailed in this US PS Blog post, you’ll get a “recruitment kit and poster” for your loyalty. Just think about that for a second. A MAG poster of your very own. Now […]

  • Pre-order Tekken 6 in the UK, get hats, lapel pins

    Admit it. You’ve always wanted a Tekken hat. Fortune smiles on you this morning, then, thanks to the announcement of Tekken 6′s pre-order bonuses for the UK. For the early fight adopters in the audience, Game has special collector cards (PS3, 360); HMV has t-shirts (PS3, 360); has lapel pins (PS3, 360); Blockbuster has […]

  • Madden 10 pre-orders up on last year

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore said last night that pre-orders for Madden’s 2010 version were ahead of those the firm saw for the franchise in 2008. “We’re now marginally ahead year-on-year with about ten days to go,” said Moore, speaking in EA’s Q1 investor call. “Last year on this call we talked about pre-sales and […]

  • Pre-order GT PSP, get bonus super-car

    Sony just announced a pre-order incentive to Gran Turismo PSP in the form of one of the game’s top cars in an exclusive colour. You’ll get a voucher which allows you to choose from a list of some of the fastest cars in the game, including the Bugatti Veyron and the Enzo. You’ll have day […]

  • Rumour – 80Gb PS3 to be dropped in Japan

    Hatimaki’s rumouring that PS3′s 80Gb SKU is about to be discontinued in Japan. The Japanese site’s posted a retailer note saying pre-orders for the Black, White and Silver 80GB PS3 will stop on August 9, apparently at Sony’s request. Sony has already discontinued 20Gb, 40Gb and 60Gb PS3 SKUs in Japan. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • SC: Conviction Gamestop pre-order bonus announced

    Those that pre-order Splinter Cell: Conviction through Gamestop in the US will receive an exclusive in-game shotgun, the retailer’s confirmed. And not just any shotgun. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun. “If you prefer the rugged sophistication of a manual shotgun, but also enjoy the convenience of an automatic, then this is the shotgun for you,” said […]

  • Pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, get early demo

    Speaking to OXM, Valve’s confirmed that Left 4 Dead 2 pre-orderers will get a stab at the demo early. Anyone pre-ordering the 360 version or pre-purchasing the PC version over Steam will get to look at the multiplayer demo early. It’ll be released later for the unbelievers. Via Kotaku and Joystiq.

  • Pre-order Halo 3: ODST for £27

    Argos is offering Halo 3: ODST pre-orders for £26.99. Get on it. It’s $60 in the States. The game ships later this year.

  • Pre-order Section 8, get exclusive armour

    SouthPeak is offering an in-game goody in the form of Captain’s Armor to those that pre-order Section 8 through GameStop. No word on whether or not pre-order bonuses are going to make it to Europe when the PC and 360 shooter ships this autumn. More on Joystiq.

  • US Prototype pre-order goodies detailed

    Activision’s outlined American pre-order promotions for Prototype, as shown on Gaming Today. Gamestop pre-orderers get a figurine, Gamecrazy buyers get a concept art book and you’ll get a comic if you get it from Amazon. The Radical open-worlder’s out in June.

  • GameStop announces Guitar Hero: Van Halen pre-order, then pulls the ad

    A pre-order listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen popped up on GameStop this morning, with a release date of August 4 for PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Activision has yet to announce the title, despite its existence being essentially proven by the German Ratings Board. The ad has been pulled, but not before Joystiq […]

  • Left 4 Dead available for pre-order on Steam

    You can now buy Left 4 Dead on Steam, as you can see here. The shooter’s a little over a month from launch, and will cost you $45. Not really sure why you wouldn’t want this, to be honest. Watch the system requirements, though.