Limbo for Xbox One listed by Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee

The South Korean Game Rating body has listed Playdead’s Limbo for release on Xbox One.

Playdead headlines

  • Inside is the new game from Limbo team Playdead, E3 2014 trailer inside

    Limbo developer Playdead is bringing its new title to Xbox One in 2015.

  • LIMBO now available on the App Store for iOS

    Playdead has announced the release of LIMBO for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It will run you $4.99 on the App Store, and implements touch-controls on iPad 2 and higher, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and higher, and the latest generation of iPod Touch. Enjoy.

  • Limbo is heading to iOS next week

    Limbo is heading to iOS next week, Playdead has announced. Owners of iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and higher, and the latest generation of iPod Touch can pick the platformer up on the App Store. Limbo will be available on July 3 for $4.99.

  • Limbo PS Vita trailer shows off bleak handheld gameplay

    Limbo developer PlayDead has released a trailer for PS Vita, showing off gameplay from its handheld port. Warning, it’s mighty bleak for a Friday.

  • LIMBO arrives on PSN for Vita next week

    Playdead has announced LIMBO will be released on Vita next week. Developed in conjunction with Double Eleven, the game has been adapted for the handheld “without compromising the experience.” It will be available through PSN on June 4 in North America and the following day in Europe, June 5, for $14.99/€12.99/£9.99.

  • Limbo developer's Project 2 'at least two years away'

    Limbo developer PlayDead is currently creating the mysterious ‘Project 2′, but it won’t be available for at least another two years, the studio has confirmed. More details after the break.

  • Limbo PS3 exclusivity deal unraveled over Sony wanting rights

    A potential PS3 exclusivity deal for Limbo, which would have kept the creepy platformer from Xbox 360 and PC, fell apart because Sony wanted Playdead to give up its IP rights, Edge is reporting.

  • Limited boxed edition of Limbo out now

    A limited edition boxed version of PlayDead’s Limbo is now available for purchase, developer PlayDead has announced.

  • Playdead's Limbo follow-up, new details and concept art

    New details and a piece of concept art for Limbo developer’s “Project 2″ have emerged courtesy of the Danish Film Institute.

  • Playdead aiming to bring Limbo to iOS, Android, Windows 8, says listing

    A new job listing from Limbo developer Playdead has suggested its looking to bring over the game to iOS, Android and Windows 8. Thanks, IndieGameMag.

  • Limbo for Mac out now on Steam

    Start your Monday morning off right, by installing a haunting indie platformer on your workplace Mac and hurriedly putting spreadsheets over it when the boss passes.

  • PixelJunk Shooter 2, Limbo top indie PSN charts

    PixelJunk Shooter 2 and Limbo were the two biggest selling PSN hits of this year, coming out on top of their respective downloadable game lists. PJ Shooter 2 was first in the list of downloadable titles published by Sony, followed by Fat Princess and Flower. The Playdead horror platform appeared in the list for games […]

  • Limbo sells over 1 million, Mac version before year's end

    Playdead has announced that Limbo has now sold over one million copies worldwide in 153 countries and nine languages across three platforms. The success of the game has allowed Playdead to buy itself back from early investors, and put the extra funds towards future and current projects in development. “With the success that Limbo has […]

  • Limbo dev: "retail model has always been and still is broken"

    Dino Patti, head of Limbo developer Playdead, has delivered his verdict on the industry’s retail model and stated, “There will be discs for a long time from now, but the world has adopted download. When your mum and dad start to download things, that’s when it’s everybody who does it.”

  • Playdead's "next project is more crazy than Limbo"

    Playdead’s Dino Patti is keeping his lips zipped rather tight regarding what the firm’s next project entails, but it’s for a good reason: the developer hates the wait gamers have to endure between announcement and release.

  • Playdead's new game over three years away, to use Unity

    Limbo developer Playdead has confirmed its next game may be more than three years from release, and will use an entirely new engine.

  • PSA: Limbo hitting Steam today for $10

    Playdead has announced Limbo is now available on Steam for $9.99. The PC edition is the “only version of the game that runs at a full 60fps,” according to the press release. The game contains additional content hidden as a “secret” for both the PC version and the PS3 version which launched last week. Hit […]

  • Confirmed: Limbo PS3, PC has extra "secret" additional content

    Both the PS3 and PC versions of Limbo has extra additional “secret” content over its 360 brethren at release, VG247 can confirm.

  • PSA: Limbo releasing today in US for PS3, Japanese release date confirmed

    In case you haven’t received the memo, Playdead’s launching Limbo on PS3 in the US today. Europe will get the game, which has been a 360 exclusive for a year until now, tomorrow as part of the PS Store update. There’ll also be a demo in both regions who want to try it first. But […]

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