Peter Molyneaux

Eric Chahi to embark on “new and fresh” project

Eric Chahi, the creative force behind Another World and From Dust, has a mysterious new project in mind.

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  • Molyneux to announce something today at E3

    Twitter users who follow Peter Molyneux just got a tweet saying that he is about to announce something at E3 today. And it hasn’t got anything to do with a game. Here’s what it read: “Just off to the show now, ready for the announcement, its not to do with any project but rather more […]

  • Molyneux: Games to have Godfather-quality storytelling by 2016

    Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux’s predicted “Godfather” levels of storytelling in games by 2016. “We’re starting to realize our uniqueness, and that we’ve got the ability to do things that no other medium has had before”, he said. “I think by 2016 we’re going to have a truly amazing […]