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  • PEGI outs Dragon's Lair for XBLA

    Europe’s PEGI ratings board appears to have outed an Xbox Live Arcade release of the 80’s classic Dragon’s Lair.

  • Silent Hill HD likely to see individual digital releases

    PEGI has rated both Silent HIll 2 and 3 HD as discrete entities, suggesting individual release via the console networks is likely.

  • UKIE: Government delay on PEGI adoption "disappointing"

    Trade organisation UK Interactive Entertainment has called out the British government for its failure to follow through on plans to adopt the PEGI system of games content rating.

  • PEGI content warnings explained in cute videos

    PEGI has released a series of videos explaining its content warning system to parents, and the result is kind of adorable.

  • PEGI App for Windows Phone 7 launches in 11 languages

    PEGI has released a free app for Windows Phone 7 which offers an “accessible way to browse the database,” of all videogames given a PEGI rating. It is available in 11 languages, contains “extended consumer advice,” about the game and content, as well as external game review content from Eurogamer. You can even search for […]

  • PEGI explains its reasoning for handing WeDare a 12-rating

    PEGI communications manager Dirk Bosmans has explained the body’s decision to hand Ubisoft’s WeDare title a 12-rating despite the innuendo-filled adverts released for the game.

  • PEGI UK age rating implementation delayed until September

    It’s been reported that the full implementation of PEGI as the sole age ratings body in the UK has been delayed until fall at the latest.

  • VSC confirms PEGI ratings delay into 2011

    The Video Standards Council has confirmed the proposed changes to the age ratings system for games in the UK will not be applied until April 1, 2011.

  • Iain Duncan Smith says games are destroying the innocence of UK's kids

    Ex-Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith has told The Times that videogames are destroying the innocence of UK children because “nobody pays attention to age ratings”.

  • Three Men have PEGI ratings power, and GTA IV has a meth recipe

    It looks as through three men will be the sole power behind rating games with the new PEGI system in the UK, reports The Times. Mike Rawlinson, the director-general of ELSPA, says that the three men in the Video Standards Council are “very skilled in their work” and despite BBFC advocates saying otherwise, the PEGI […]

  • PEGI ratings enforcement expected to begin before Christmas

    PEGI ratings and the new labels are expected to be enforced before Christmas rolls around in the UK. ELSPA chairman Andy Payne has said that the Video Standards Council will legally be able to start classifying games after the UK Government returns from recess, which runs from July – October 12. “There’s a whole load […]

  • When will UK get PEGI symbols? No one knows yet

    The question on everyone’s lips. When will the new UK PEGI symbols turn up on British games? Try to calm yourself down: it hasn’t been decided yet. The Video Standards Council just told GI it hasn’t even started talking to government yet as to when we’ll see the guidelines appear at retail. “We are going […]

  • PEGI unveils new games ratings symbols

    PEGI’s posted a first look at its new games ratings symbols for the UK, after being named the sole board for British classification in the Digital Britain report yesterday. The ratings range from 3-18, and are from green through yellow to red. They’ll appear on the front and back of games packaging. It’s still unclear […]

  • BBFC says it can do a better job than PEGI on game ratings

    British Board of Film Classification director David Cooke says that the regulating body could do a better job than PEGI. His comment stems from the announcement that PEGI is now the sole games ratings board for UK. “The BBFC has always supported PEGI and wished it well, but it continues to believe that it satisfies […]

  • PEGI is sole game ratings board for UK

    The UK government just confirmed PEGI as the sole games ratings board for the UK. Said ELSPA boss Mike Rawlinson: “Today’s decision will ensure that games ratings stay relevant and adapt to the changing nature of videogames for many years to come. Retailers will now have clear, legal backing to help them prevent access to […]

  • BBFC/PEGI decision coming this afternoon

    The release of today’s Digital Britain report will reveal how games are to be rated in the UK. The tussle between the BBFC and PEGI is expected to be fully resolved this afternoon. Watch from 3.30pm onwards. If UK games ratings float your boat, obviously. Thanks, deftangel.

  • EP: Online games need a red button for parents

    The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee said this morning that parents need a “red button” to shut down online gamesthey feel are inappropriate for their children. “Parents should have a ‘red button’ to disable a game they feel is inappropriate for their child,” said the body in a report. “Until PEGI on-line is up and […]

  • European Parliament to make games regs announcement this week

    The European Parliament is about to make an announcement on guidelines concerning children and “harmful” games. From its site: Video game safety: The Internal Market Committee will set out a series of recommendations to improve the protection of children from potentially harmful video games on Wednesday. The institution gave its support to PEGI in January. […]

  • European parliament sees PEGI rating system as right way forward

    Tonie Manders, a politician who sits on the European Parliament’s Committee, has recommended to The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), that Europe should universally adopt PEGI’s rating system. Mander’s draft report on videogames acknowledges that games and can also be used “well for valuable educational purposes.” He also believes the PEGI […]

  • PEGI traffic light ratings to go live in Europe this spring

    According to this GI story, PEGI’s traffic light symbols are to go live in Europe this spring. The ratings body will tweak it’s original design after the BBFC said it would take legal advise over the fact it all looked a bit “similar” to its own symbols. “PEGI has agreed those changes and they will […]

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