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  • Nintendo patents show charging dock, gun-shell for Wii U controller

    A schematic for what appears to be a charging dock for the Wii U’s controller has shown up online, courtesy of Nintendo Life. Found by the site over on NeoGAF, the drawing was uneartherd via a patent application from Nintendo showing a cradle similar to the one used by 3DS. Another patent schematic posted over […]

  • Sony files MMO patent which would offer incentives for real-world meet ups

    Sony has filed a patent for a program which is a form of meet-up software which would put real-life names to MMO players and allow gamers to set up meet-and-greets with one another. Engadget dug the imformation up, and looking it over, it seems Sony would offer incentives for such fact-to-face meetings with that dwarf […]

  • Sony files patent for Move steering wheel peripheral

    Last year, Sony patented a steering wheel peripheral for Move which was published on April 3. It’s rather odd looking, and has a built-in thumbstick and face buttons. PlaystationLifestyle notes that the handlebar design depicted in the schematics looks similar to the Forza controller. You can look over the drawings through the link. Thanks, FahedJ.

  • Nintendo secures handheld emulation patent

    The US Patents and Trademarks Office has granted Nintendo a patent it applied for in 2003 regarding the emulation of hardware bearing a built-in screen and accompanying software. The patent specifically mentions Game Boy titles, and the examiner took a good look at existing emulators before granting the patent. There’s nothing to suggest Nintendo will […]

  • Microsoft once patented a virtual image projector headset

    All your 1990′s VR fantasies are embodied in Microsoft’s Gaming Helmet patent.

  • Valve patent shows Steam Box-like control pad

    A patent dating back to 2009 shows Valve has been cooking up a controller like the one mentioned in connection with its rumoured Steam Box.

  • Nintendo, third party Wii devs embroiled in patent lawsuit

    Gamespot reports Impulse Technologies has filed suit against Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ, Konami, Namco Bandai, and Majesco over alleged patent infringement related to Wii exercise games. Impulse, which makes the Trazer brand of gym equipment, has a 1996 patent for systems “where the motion of the player is tracked to effect movement of a […]

  • Nintendo files patent for "Massively Single-Playing Online Game"

    A US patent application filed by Nintendo earlier this year suggests the firm is interested in creating a “Massively Single-Playing Online Game,” or at the least owning the rights to the term.

  • PSP Move dock discovered in Sony patent

    An interesting patent has turned up suggesting Sony may be investigating some sort of PS Move support system for portable consoles.

  • Patent reveals unannounced Wii motorcycle, jet ski games

    Let’s play What Might Have Been, with this patent for a lost WiiMote and Balance Board combo motorcycle and jet ski games.

  • Dutch police confiscate thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles

    Dutch police have reportedly seized tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles from warehouses as part of Sony and LG’s ongoing patent dispute.

  • Kinect recognizes American Sign Language

    According to a patent listing for Kinect, not only does the motion controller recognize the body, face, and voice, but American Sign Language as well.

  • Sony patents 3D multiplayer system without split-screen

    Sony’s filed patents that would allow for two people to play games in 3D without using split-screen mode.

  • Microsoft patent for streamlined Xbox 360 DLC purchasing approved

    Microsoft’s patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark office for a more efficient Xbox Live Marketplace downloadable purchase experience has been approved.

  • Sony files patent for universal game controller

    Sony has filed a patent for a universal game controller with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Sony patents slew of motion controller add-ons

    Sony’s gone ahead and patented a lunatic amount of add-ons for its upcoming motion controller. Kotaku’s got a decent précis. Basically, if you can imagine something that you can stick on the end of a stick, Sony’s probably just patented it. The patent itself is for an “Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment”. It’s all […]

  • SCEA patents "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-like interactive TV interface

    Siliconera‘s happened upon a new-ish (it was filed back in April) Sony patent that commandeers the rights to an interactive television interface not unlike that of Mystery Science Theater 3000. So basically, your avatar appears on-screen during a movie or TV show, leading to all sorts of wacky hijinks. “For example, avatars displayed to a […]

  • New Sony stick controller patent emerges

    Siliconera‘s posted up images of a new PS3 controller patent. It’s another stick. This one looks like a Pez dispenser with buttons. No one seems to have any idea what it’s for. Controlling stuff, probably. Take a look.

  • Nintendo patents ridiculous football controller

    Not content with imaginearing a blow-up horse-based Wii controller earlier in the month, Nintendo’s wacky funsters have now patented a pathetic football thing for the motion-based console. You put the Wiimote inside it, then run around your living room pretending you are John Madden. About 190 years ago. Best bit? You can “throw” it. Hey, […]

  • Microsoft patents drop-in/out co-op shooters

    This is a strange one, but it appears Microsoft has patented the ability to drop-in and out of co-op games – think Gears of War. Patent #7,559,834 was invented by a James York back in 2002 but it was assigned to Microsoft on July 14th 2009. It reads: Dynamic join/exit of players during play of […]


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