City of Heroes may be saved from shutdown

City of Heroes, City of Villains and Paragon Studios may yet escape a fateful late November shutdown.

Paragon headlines

  • City of Heroes turns eight, event kicks off next week

    City of Heroes is turning eight, and Paragon is planning some festivities in celebration. In a new post on the MMO’s website, the team has teased an event which starts next week, ¬†as well as a look back over the game’s history. The anniversary event starts after Tuesday’s maintenance on May 1. Thanks, TenTonHammer.

  • City of Heroes adds new missions to Spring Fling line-up

    NCSoft has detailed its Spring Fling plans for City of Heroes. On top of the three traditional Spring Fling co-op missions , characters of level 30 or above can take on a quest involving the Red Widow to score the Widow Maker badge, while level 20 and above can access Valentines, which awards players with […]

  • City of Heroes going free-to-play later this year

    NCsoft has announced City of Heroes will be going free-to-play later this year, and the MMO’s name will be changed to City of Heroes Freedom.

  • City of Heroes producer's letter promises continued updates

    Paragon Studios has promised to continue regularly adding content to City of Heroes, despite a recent slowdown in updates for the ageing MMO.

  • City of Heroes cheaters to have rewards revoked

    City of Heroes players who used exploits in the Mission Architect feature to power level their characters may get rewards earned through the dubious act revoked as a punishment. The possibility of the character being disabled completely is also a possibility. CoH lead designer Matt “Positron” Miller outlined the consequences over on the official forums: […]

  • City of Heroes Architect players go user-content mental

    NCsoft’s released the City of Heroes Issue 14: Architect update: player-created content generated 20,000 mission arcs within 24-hours. Both factions created more than 3,800 stories with five missions each, resulting in more content that the developers created since the MMO’s inception. In a letter posted on the game’s community site, Matt “Positron” Miller said that […]