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Neverwinter enters open beta stage

Cryptic? Not for much longer! That’s right, after months of internal testing, Neverwinter has finally entered the open beta stage.

Open Beta headlines

  • Dust 514 open beta arrives on January 22nd

    CCP Games has announced that Dust 514, its PS3-exclusive FPS, will go into open beta on January 22nd. Players will be able to download and enjoy the game for free from this date.

  • The Hawken open beta launch interview - challenges, specs and consoles

    With Adhesive Games’ mech shooter Hawken’s open beta launching on Wednesday, it’s an exciting time for mech fans. Meteor Entertainment’s CEO Mark Long talks to PCGamesN about the challenges they faced, how the team ramped the game up without taxing player’s systems, free-to-play and why we probably won’t see the game on consoles.

  • F1 Online gears up for open beta

    The closed beta testing period of Codemaster’s free-to-play PC management title, F1 Online will come to an end on Tuesday June 19 in preparation for the open beta. In addition, the non-disclosure agreement that closed beta participants have been bound by will also expire on June 19, freeing all and sundry to talk about their […]

  • CS:GO open beta coming, current update brings lots of fixes

    Another day, another CS:GO beta update – and soon you can get in on them!

  • Quick Shots - New Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances screens

    C&C Tiberium Alliances has just gone into open beta, and now we’ve got some new screens for you to stare at as well.

  • Delayed APB: Reloaded open beta to kick off today

    After a short delay, the APB: Reloaded open beta is back on track, and scheduled to fire up today.

  • Battlestar Galactica Online open beta beginning on February 8

    The Battlestar Galactica MMO was created by man. It evolved. It rebelled. There are many copies. And it has a plan… To enter open beta in a couple weeks. (Ok, so maybe it’s not the most eventful rebellion.)

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 will have open beta this year

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 director Alain Jarniou has confirmed to VG247 that the free-roaming racer will have an open beta this year.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Betas galore

    Loads of Beta news this week in MMO round-up. IncGamers made good on its promise, and has posted part-two of its Aion Beta preview, Mortal Online’s second stage of Beta testing begins soon, CrimeCraft started its Beta and Alganon is prepping for one. Loads of MMO are going to be coming out soon, and there […]

  • Quake open beta goes live February 24

    The open beta for browser-based shooter Quake will go live on February 24, id confirmed today. The classic game is for competitive play, complete with leaderboards and matchmaking. And all for free. Stats will be wiped from closed beta participants in preparation for launch.

  • Home connections horrors due to "overwhelming demand," says Sony

    Sony’s officially recognised that many users are unable to connect to PlayStation Home, releasing a short message on the PS Blog saying it’s working on fixes. “We are aware that some people may be experiencing difficulty in accessing the PlayStation Home beta at present,” said SCEA corporate comms boss Patrick Seybold. “This is due to […]

  • Home charges are "schoolboy error," says Eurogamer

    Eurogamer’s impressions of Home have gone live, and they’re less than complimentary. Did you know you have to pay to create a “club” (guild)? We didn’t. Snip: You can probably forget about Clubs to be honest, since Sony is charging GBP 3.99 for the privilege of forming one. Not only that, but in the future […]

  • Home connection problems appear to have eased

    Connection issues Home was experiencing last night appear to have eased. And when we say “eased,” we mean we had no problem logging on this morning. Following the release of the app last night, many users complained of error messages and an inability to get Home to load. Time-out messages were also experienced. Hopefully it […]

  • Sony officially announces Home launch

    Home’s here, Sony’s announced in a note on the PS Blog, confirming that the little logo is now available in the XMB of all PS3 owners worldwide. “Getting to this point has required a tremendous amount of participation, input, care, and passion from the thousands of beta testers who helped make PlayStation Home what it […]

  • Home suffering instant connection issues

    Multiple users are complaining that they’re unable to access the now-launched PlayStation Home. We’re getting no joy with it here at all, although some are reportedly able to launch, so we’re assuming it’s a load issue. When trying to access the app, a network error C-991 is repeatedly served with the message, “The connection to […]

  • Sony launches Home

    PlayStation Home is now available for download to all PS3 users. We’re in the UK and downloading now. The Home logo appears under the PSN section of the XMB if the download’s available for you. More soon.

  • Home not released yet due to "technical problems" - TedTheDog keeps us up to date [Update]

    Update: PSN’s now down. Hold on to your hats. Update 2: PSN’s back up, but still no home. The Dog explains, posting at 5.55pm: “Apologies for the delay in an update, you may have noticed a PSN outage in the last hour. Things seem back on track now although the outage delayed us a little […]

  • Home in 10 days? "We're not commenting on that story," says SCEE

    SCEE’s refused to confirm or deny a Times Online report yesterday that said Home’s open beta was to launch in the next ten days. “We’re not commenting on that story, I’m afraid,” a rep told VG247 this afternoon. The piece said open beta was to launch by December 17. Sony’s constant line on the social […]

  • Home open beta in the next 10 days, says The Times

    The Times Online’s run a piece saying Home’s open beta is to release in the next ten days, or before December 17. SCEE’s constantly said open beta will hit this year, so there’s likely to be truth in this. We’re checking with Sony now.

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