Microsoft Game Studio one-day sale: 50% off Limbo, Trials HD, Shadow Complex and others

Mr Major Nelson has detailed some special, one-day-only offers.


Offer headlines

  • New Vindictus content lands April 20

    Nexon’s free-to-play MMORPG Vindictus has received a number of updates, both large and small. Plus, free tokens for in-game content. It must be spring.

  • Game's current 'killer deals'

    Currently have an embarrassment of riches? Money burning a hole in your pocket? You may wish to consider the latest offers from Game’s UK site.

  • Heads up: PlayStation Store Spring offers

    A whole raft of offers are detailed on the EU PlayStation blog, check inside for the highlights.

  • 3D Bravia tellies will net you free PS3, GT5

    To celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 5, Sony’s offering a deal which entitles you to get a free PS3 and a copy of the racer with any Sony 3DTV.

  • GameStation - Fallout 3 and Sonic Unleashed half price

    We’re told this morning that GameStation is to put Fallout 3 on sale for half price today, at £20. The limited edition tins are also being reduced, with the console versions costing £25 and the PC CE at £20. Sonic Unleashed is also getting the drop treatment this week, down to £20. Fallout 3 for […]

  • Rumour: GameStation to cut Fable II to £20 next week

    UK retailer GameStation is to cut the price of Fable II to £20 in a promotion next week, if pictures of promotional leaflets we’ve just been sent are to be believed. We’ve been advised that this may go live this Friday “if they feel like it,” so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow if you fancy […]

  • Sony offering discounts to German HD-DVD turncoats

    Sony is offering 150 euro off the price of a Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player to any German customer that hands over their used HD-DVD player. This points out that HD-DVD adoption if far higher in the States, so a replication of the offer in the US isn’t likely, and there’s no word of anything similar […]