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  • Minecraft reaches one million sales

    It comes as no surprise to anybody with an eye for delightful design and the ability to do basic maths, but indie sweetheart Minecraft has topped the one million milestone. Congratulations, Notch! Well done, tasteful gamers everywhere! Hooray for independents and innovation! And other suitable exclamations!

  • Nightly Minecraft build releases planned

    Minecraft creator Notch and his team spend a lot of time tinkering with effects that never feel the light of day, but if you’d like to see the bug-ridden, wildly experimental, occasionally disastrously game-breaking results, you’ll soon be welcome to a daily install of the very lastest build.

  • Minecraft nears 1 million sales

    Speaking in the wake of a trio of IGF nominations, developer Markus “Notch” Persson has confirmed that Minecraft is closing in on 1 million sales, having released the indie beast in May 2009.

  • Minecraft enters beta, gets price hike, on December 20

    Minecraft developer Marcus “Notch” Persson has confirmed that the open-ended indie smash will enter beta on December 20, meaning both a price rise and the addition of narrative elements.

  • Overarching narrative, multiplayer modes planned for future Minecraft updates

    Minecraft’s great and all, but sometimes, it seems like it’s more tool than game. That, however – like everything else ever constructed in Minecraft – may soon be changing. Let’s just hope there are no accidental apocalypse fires this time.

  • Notch’s Minecraft biome video points to lush future

    Minecraft developer Notch has released a video of the biomes coming in the next Minecraft update, a set of new sets of flora, fauna and landscapes which will apparently dramatically alter the game.

  • Minecraft servers to link via portals, but “not soon”

    Block-building dark horse hit Minecraft will eventually become an interconnected world, allowing connections between different servers. The key word being “eventually”.