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  • Nolan North: Uncharted 3 is "common sense"

    Uncharted 3 is an almost certainty, yes? Nathan Drake himself Nolan North isn’t going to come out and say it, but he tells us to use “common sense” on it.

  • Nolan North: "I'm getting paid to do what I used to get detention for"

    Everyone’s heard of Nolan North by now, surely? He’s in every game ever made these days. Speaking with GamePro, the voice actor said he is “getting paid” to do the things that got him “detention.” Naughty boy.

  • Rumor: Hugh Jackman front-runner for Drake in Uncharted film

    According to Nolan North, who was a guest on the latest OPM UK podcast, the voice of Nathan Drake himself stated that Hugh Jackman is on top of the list of actors to play the swashbuckling hero in the Uncharted film. Stating that he himself would like to be cast as Drake, North admits that […]

  • Uncharted 2 actor: "We desperately want to do a third one"

    Uncharted 2 voice actor Nolan North’s told PSN program Pulse that the team is “desperate” to move onto the next game. “We desperately want to do a third one,” North said, speaking at 1.26 in this video. We doubt you’re going to be waiting too long, Nolan. Have a watch.

  • Watch highlights from Uncharted 2 Comic-Con panel

    A video posted after the break contains highlights from Naughty Dog’s Comic-Con panel for Uncharted 2. Watch as Nolan North, Emily Rose and Claudia Black discuss their roles in the game. Rose and North also provide amusing stories of being both recognized and dissed at their local GameStop store. Good times.

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