Xbox One: new ID@Xbox games revealed, new Worms on the way

Xbox One has received two new ID@Xbox game reveals, courtesy of Microsoft. One of the indie titles is a new Worms project.


Ninjabee headlines

  • A World of Keflings hits Windows 8, headed to Wii U

    City-builder A World of Keflings has made the jump from Xbox Live to Windows 8, taking the game to PC and mobile for $7. Destructoid reports the new version has touch controls and a picture-in-picture mode. A Wii U port is also on the way, and is due sometime this year.

  • NinjaBee: Indie Royale adds The Ninja Lightning Pack

    Indie Royale has added the Ninja Lightning Pack, which contains the NinjaBee titles A Kingdom for Keflings, Ancients of Ooga, Cloning Clyde, Outpost Kaloki, and as a bonus, Band of Bugs. The current price is $3.82, and the titles are DRM-free with Steam keys included for Cloning Clyde and Ancients of Ooga.

  • A World of Keflings DLC to be chosen by fans

    NinjaBee has asked its fans to vote on what should be included as the next add-on for A World of Keflings. Those who vote will also be given the chance to be included in the game as a Kefling.

  • NinjaBee releases screens for A World of Keflings

    NinjaBee has put out new screens for its new Xbox 360 Avatar game,  A World of Keflings.

  • Ninjabee hints at flame tossing Avatars via Twitter

    Ninjabee has hinted via Twitter that flame tossing Avatars may be headed our way. Here’s what the Kingdom for Keflings creators tweeted: “Here’s the big news for the day: Ever wanted to throw a fireball with your Avatar?” Which leads to the photo pictured above with the caption: “Soon you’ll be able to use your […]