Pokémon Animation hitting Netflix in March

Pokémon Animation will be available to stream to members in all Netflix territories starting March 1.


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  • Xbox One launch media partners confirmed, see the list of apps here

    Xbox One will launch in the UK, Europe, North America and other regions with a slew of media partners and third-party apps coming between November 22 and Spring 2014. Microsoft has just revealed the full list of services and brands coming your way in the first wave. See it here.

  • Netflix available to XBL Silver members this weekend

    Microsoft has unlocked Netflix this Memorial Day weekend to XBL Silver members, meaning if you are a Netflix subscriber you won’t have to also be a Gold member to use the service. The offer is available to those in the US, Canada, U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. More […]

  • Netflix app unlocked this weekend for Xbox Live members

    Microsoft has announced it will unlock the Netflix app, so all Live users with a Netflix subscription can watch, and watch some more this weekend. The the unlocking is to celebrate the debut of the Netflix original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. Also this weekend, Live members can access Hulu without a subscription […]

  • PS3 number one overall for Netflix viewing, says Hastings

    Netflix has announced PS3 as its largest TV-connected platform in terms of viewing.and at times it even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix viewing. “[It's our] No. 1 platform overall,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. “PS3 is a natural fit for Netflix in terms of developing and first deploying our most advanced features. We […]

  • Netflix app on Wii U updated to accommodate passwords which use the "@" symbol

    Netflix has been updated on Wii U, and now the app supports passwords which contain the “@” symbol, so hopefully you didn’t change your password yesterday. If you did, that’s okay because as we all know it’s good to change them once in a while. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Wii U Netflix app missing the "@" symbol for those who use it for password purposes

    Wii U users are reporting a issue when signing into the Netflix app on the console, due to their passwords not being accepted because the Netflix keyboard doesn’t contain an “@” symbol. According to those who have contacted customer service, the only solution is for those whose passwords contain the “at” symbol to change their […]

  • Nintendo TVii announced, included in Wii U purchase for free

    Nintendo TVii was announced during Nintendo’s Wii U preview event in New York.

  • Netflix "Just for Kids" feature available now on Xbox 360

    The most recent update to the Xbox 360′s Netflix app is ready for download today, and it sports a new “Just for Kids” feature that corrals child-friendly programming into one dedicated area.

  • Wii U - Amazon video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube announced

    Wii U can take on a more important role than the TV, so the console has a dedicated GamePad with a screen so people could play games while someone else was watching TV. It’s the first-dedicated personal screen, changing reliance on the TV screens, said Nintendo during its E3 press conference. “Wii U does three […]

  • Netflix cans its plans to offer game rentals by mail

    Netflix has abandoned its plans to offer game rentals alongside its other offerings, thus ending the Qwikster experiment it started in September last year. After an outpiring of pulic outcry over the firm’s DVD service being switched over to Quikster, the firm culled its DVD plans but was still contemplating using the service for game […]

  • CES 2012: 500,000 Vitas sold, two new PS Suite phones

    During its Consumer Electronics Show press conference in Las Vegas this evening, Sony revealed the Vita has passed half a million sales in Japan.

  • Netflix rolls out in UK and Ireland, sub prices confirmed

    Following the launch of its PlayStation 3 app over the weekend, Netflix has launched in the UK and Ireland, confirming subscription prices in the process.

  • Netflix starts appearing on UK and Irish PS3s - all the details

    Previously US-only movie streaming service Netflix has started to appear in the UK and Ireland for PS3 owners.

  • Netflix Just For Kids available on Wii

    Shack News reports Nintendo of America and Netflix have partnered to bring the streaming movie service’s family-friendly offering to the Wii. Aimed at 12 year olds and under, the service offers a catalogue of film browsable by genre or even favourite character. Netflix Just For Kids will turn up on other consoles “over the next […]

  • Netflix to launch in UK and Ireland "early 2012"

    US movie streamer Netflix has announced this morning it’ll introduce Netflix to the UK and Republic of Ireland by early next year.

  • Netflix kills Qwikster, reverts to single strategy

    Netflix said today that it’s decided to keep its DVD-by-mail and online streaming services together under one name and one website, abandoning plans to launch Qwikster as a DVD rental division. The company told the New York Times it acted too rashly in announcing the move. Its plans for games rentals are yet to be […]

  • Netflix splits in half - DVD service Qwikster also to include games

    By now, you’re probably aware that Netflix is dead. What we once associated with the name is, anyway. The company’s DVD-by-mail business has been split off, renamed “Qwikster”, and plans to take the world by storm in “a few weeks”. Oh, and it’ll ship video games to you, too. In the hours since the announcement, […]

  • Report: 50% of US Netflix usage is via console

    Research company Nielson has concluded that half of all users of the TV and film streaming service use their home console to watch content. Facts and figures below.

  • Report - Netflix to expand streaming service to UK and Spain in 2012

    Variety is reporting that Netflix is planning to expand its streaming service into the UK and Spain during Q1 2012. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said back in the spring the firm had plans for a “third wave of international expansion” during early 2012. If the report is accurate, it’s a possibility the service will finally […]


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