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  • Natal could replace remote control, says MS

    Natal could replace remote control, according to comments made by Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten. Speaking at the Streaming Media West show, Whitten described the increasing number of 360′s video applications as the “biggest surprise” of his job. “With the flick of my wrist I can change a channel,” Whitten said. “With the power […]

  • Microsoft: Natal launch information is inaccurate

    Microsoft has responded to last week’s Natal information which was leaked from a “behind-closed-doors tour of UK publishers and studios”. This information, according to Xbox UK bossman Neil Thompson is not “accurate” and nothing more than “rumors”. “I’ve got nothing more to say about it”, he told “We’re still very much in the baking […]

  • Hiring: Microsoft for both Natal and Halo

    Microsoft is hiring for loads of things, but two of the job listings may interest you – and take what you will from each. We just tell you about ‘em. One is for Project Natal which points to “a large franchise,” and another to “an excellent next-generation” project. Another listing posted was for AI developers, […]

  • Molyneux announces Natal support for Fable 3 [Update]

    Update: Minkley’s confirmed it. Original Story: If a tweet from UK industry money man and Gamesbrief founder Nicholas Lovell’s to be believed, Peter Molyneux tonight confirmed that Fable 3 will feature Natal support. Said the note: “Fable 3 will have Natal support. Is that an announcement? #molyneux” Molyneux dropped the nugget in a BAFTA lecture […]

  • Pro Evolution Soccer will have motion control in future installments

    Pro Evolution Soccer’s Shingo Takatsuka has confirmed to IGN that Natal and Sony’s wand will be implemented in future editions of the series. “Up until 2009 we believed all the platforms should have the same controls and features,” he told the site. “That’s no longer the case, because there are specific controllers for different machines, […]

  • Microsoft says that motion control will “become the norm”

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that one day motion control implementation in games will become the norm, just like multiplayer. “Much like with multiplayer, I think it will become the norm,” Spencer told Kotaku. “If you are a racing game without multiplayer the game just didn’t sell. “We think that motion control, we think voice […]

  • Older 360 games cannot be patched to work with Natal

    Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has said that it’s not possible to release a patch in order to make older 360 games work with Natal. Speaking during a Natal demo of Space Invaders Extreme and Beautiful Katamari at TGS, Tsunoda told D’toid that a “significant amount of code” would have to be altered in the games, therefore, […]

  • Keiji Inafune feels Natal will “expand the possibilities of gaming”

    Capcom’s Keiji Inafune stated during Microsoft Creator’s Panel at TGS that he feels Natal will “expand the possibilities of gaming”. “I strongly feel that Project Natal will expand the possibilities of gaming, personally, I too am extremely excited about Project Natal,” he said. “It’s really going to stir up our creative spirits. I think it’s […]

  • Kojima: Natal is the next “2D to 3D shift”

    Dropping bombs. Hideo Kojima’s just told a TGS press conference that Natal is something “like the 2D to 3D shift, or the first time that I ever played with Family Computer [NES],” as reported by Gamasutra. He said that when he first saw Natal, “I wanted to share my surprise to everybody… but I had […]

  • TGS 09: Microsoft demos Natal for Japanese news station

    Microsoft packed Natal up and brought it to TGS 09 to show it off. Past the break, there is a video of Microsoft director Kudo Tsunoda demoing Ricochet and Burnout Paradise for a local news show. GameSetWatch, who posted the video, says for you to make sure to at least watch the bit at 03:35 […]

  • Capcom’s Takeuchi says Sony motion control could create Wii to PS3 ports

    Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has weighed in on the upcoming motion control devices for both Sony and Microsoft, and while he says that the firm is “very receptive to Natal” and looking forward to coming up with games for it, Sony’s motion control is giving developers other ideas. “I can tell you that we have a […]

  • Microsoft expanding Natal team with more job openings

    Microsoft Game Studios has added more job titles to its opening for developing Natal-centric game franchises. Currently, MS is seeking artists, audio staff, developers, engineers, and producers. Since the end of August, the company has posted 18 Natal positions on its job board. More through Edge.

  • Platinum Games’ Hashimoto wants to play Natal “as soon as possible”

    Bayonetta producer, Yusuke Hashimoto, has told D’toid that Platinum Games are very interested in motion controls – providing the games created are not “carbon copies” of previous games in that genre. “I’m very interested in motion control because it has the potential to take video gaming to a whole new level,” said Hashimoto. “However making […]

  • Take-Two: Natal dev kits “embedded in just about all of our studios”

    Take-Two CEO Ben Feder told investors during the company’s Q3 2009 financial call today that motion sensor kits are currently in-house and in the hands of its development teams right now. “Natal motion-sensors – yes we have dev kits, yes we’re working on them,” he said. “Obviously, we can’t comment on games we haven’t announced. […]

  • Analyst: No significant sales boost this year despite 360 price cut

    Analyst firm EEDAR has said that despite price cuts for Xbox 360, no significant boost in sales can be expected for the console this year. “Forecasting for the remainder of the year, EEDAR does not expect the Xbox 360 to see a significant sales lift over last year’s performance despite its price drop for the […]

  • Natal allows Microsoft and Rare to be on the same page

    Rare’s design director, George Andreas, has told VideoGamer that Microsoft and the Banjo developer are finally on the same page, thanks to Natal. “I do feel in many ways that – and I’ve said this to some people as well – for me this is really the first time that Microsoft and Rare are on […]

  • Natal: “I want to see the compelling game first”, says Valve’s Faliszek

    Valve’s Chet Faliszek has weighed in on Natal, and while he thinks it’s “really cool”, he is more concerned with the games that will be created for it. “We [Valve] got to check it out, and it’s actually really cool,” he told D’toid. “Like, there’s someone running around, jumping around and someone else walks up […]

  • Riccitiello: EA to support both Natal and PS3 motion tech, plans coming “early- to mid-2010″

    EA boss John Riccitiello said tonight that EA is “positive” on the opportunities afforded by both Natal and PS3′s upcoming motion controller, saying the company will support both and announce its plans for the new peripherals next year. “We’re really positive on both,” said the exec, speaking in the firm’s Q1 investor call. “Our view […]

  • Rumor: New Xbox 360 SKU coming in 2010 with Natal

    According to Digitimes, imaging-solutions company Aptina has acquired the rights to supply 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensors for a new, Project Natal-equipped Xbox 360 supposedly scheduled to land during the second half of 2010. “Aptina plans to expand foundry capcity at its existing 8-inch water fab in Italy, and to look for a foundry partner, the […]

  • PaRappa creator interested in making music game for Natal

    PaRappa the Rappa and Major Minor’s Majestic March creator, Masaya Matsuura, has said that he and his team is interested in Microsoft’s Natal and are currently discussing ideas for a new game. “We are thinking about ideas,” he told Videogamer at Develop last week. “I think any kind of interaction with a camera will be […]

  • Matsuura thinks Natal would be great for music games

    Masaya Matsuura thinks Natal would be a great platform to create new styles of music games. Creator of PaRappa The Rapper, Matsuura told attendees at Develop that NanaOn-Sha is currently thinking up ways to make use of Microsoft’s latest gadget. “It’s very interesting. We are thinking about ideas. I think any kind of interaction with […]

  • Natal is one of many hardware innovations underway at Microsoft

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that Project Natal is just one of many hardware innovations underway at the Seattle giant. Hardware, that could eventually replace or usher in a new era for the Xbox console. “It’s not about trying to sell consumers a new piece of hardware at the wrong time, it’s about evolving the […]

  • Natal: “There’s incredible value in the office connected to a Windows PC”, says Gates

    Bill Gates has told CNET that Natal’s  not just for Xbox 360 or games only, but for “media consumption as a whole”, which means it can be used with Windows as well. “Both the Xbox guys and the Windows guys latched onto that and now even since they latched onto it the idea of how […]

  • Natal could add “Minority Report-type feeling” to console RTS

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop today, Endwar dev boss Michael de Plater has suggested that Natal could breathe new life into the difficult world of console RTS. “Natal doesn’t only have the camera, but the microphone as well,” he said. “The combination of voice and gesture could be really powerful and immersive. “You could definitely […]

  • PS3 and 360 motion tech will boost fitness sector, says Moore

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore’s told IndustryGamers that motion tech shown by both Sony and Microsoft at E3 this year will push the sports segment in general, but specifically the fitness sector. “It’s a huge opportunity for sports,” he said. “We’re already working on it, we’re expecting dev kits to be arriving very soon. “Both […]

  • Suda, Hino and Mizuguchi agree that E3 was all about motion control

    Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda, Level-5′s Akihiro Hino, and Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi chat about E3 in the latest Famitsu, and all seem to agree that motion control stole the show. “Hardware-wise, it was all about Project Natal,” Suda told the magazine. “It’s hard to really understand it unless you use it, and it remains to […]

  • THQ has been playing around with Natal dev kits for weeks

    According to CEO Brian Farrell, THQ has had its hands on Natal dev kits for a few weeks now. “I don’t know how long [we've had them] — 4 , 6 weeks, however long they’ve been available,” he told G4. “I’m not at liberty to talk about exactly what we’re doing, but kind of like […]

  • Microsoft 3DV acquisition confirmed

    It’s finally been confirmed that Microsoft bought Israeli tech firm 3DV. Israeli business daily Globes reports that Microsoft’s Moshe Lichtman mentioned 3DV in a press conference relating to Microsoft’s R&D centre in Israel. “The R&D centre helped Microsoft in buying the intellectual property of 3DV Systems, and in the wake of that dozens of the […]

  • Kim talks third-party, MGS coming to Xbox 360

    According to Microsoft VP Shane Kim, the company feels it has claimed a victory in the third-party sector with Metal Gear Solid Rising coming to Xbox 360. Speaking with Gamasutra at E3, Kim talked about exclusivity and how it benefits consoles. “I still think exclusive content is really important,” he told the site. “First of […]

  • Rumor: Natal to launch with updated 360 during fall 2010

    Rumors floating about suggest that Natal will not only come in bundle form, but the console in question will be an updated Xbox 360. Sources close to 1UP say that Natal is the new console because it will be considered “a new platform and carry a new name (Xbox Natal?)”, with “similar hardware but upgraded, […]