Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough – Shulva, Sanctum City

Let’s being our journey for the Crown of the Sunken King with this walkthrough and tactics guide.

Namco headlines

  • Namco working on arcade-themed restaurant

    Namco is hoping to create a “restaurant-centered, destination entertainment concept”, an evolution of its traditional arcade business.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken Final Box Art

    We get our first glimpse at the final box art for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken from Capcom.

  • Pac-Man is all-time arcade favorite says survey

    According to a new survey, the original Pac-Man is the most fondly remember arcade game in video gaming history.

  • Old game, new champ: Pac-Man world record topped

    Wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka. We’d be rushing too, if it meant putting an end to that infernal – though undoutedly iconic – 8-bit sound effect. Recently, the aptly-named David Race did just that and crossed the classic quarter-muncher’s finish line in three hours, 41 minutes, and 22 seconds. Race zipped right past previous […]

  • Hellgate still facing Western shutdown -- despite upcoming expansion

    Sorry Hellgate fans – even the promise of a new expansion won’t keep your game of choice from getting the padlock treatment in 2009. Community manager Diane “Tiggs” Migliaccio explained in a post on the official Hellgate forums: “People are speculating and I don’t want anyone shocked on January 31, 2009 when the server and […]