Watch this ace documentary about Japanese video game music

It’s Friday. Watch the first part of this awesome game music documentary.

Music headlines

  • Music to heist to: Payday 2's musical masterpiece

    Payday 2 is an intense heist-em-up. To hammer home the epic action and tense stealth play it needed a great soundtrack and boy does it have one hell of a score. VG247’s Sam Clay spoke to the composer Simon Viklund to get a peek inside his mind.

  • Bungie releases entrancing song from Destiny soundtrack

    At the Activision booth at E3 they had a 122-ft. superwidescreen projection screen called the Ronut (it wrapped around where viewers stood to watch) showing off their games. It had a sort of demo reel for Destiny in the rotation, and Bungie today released the track from the game that played over the reel. It’s […]

  • New Silent Hill Downpour trailer debuts at TGS

    A new trailer for the latest installment in Konami’s long-running Silent Hill series debuted at TGS this week.

  • Report: Sony debuting an iTunes-like media service for PS3 and PSP later today

    Connect is dead. Long live whatever this thing is gonna be called!

  • Monster SingStore update for March 7

    According to this, Sony’s SingStore – home to tracks for SingStar PS3 – is going to receive 48 new tracks on March 7. And here they are. Aha “The Sun Always Shines On TV” Alice Cooper “Poison ” Big Brovaz “Nu-Flow” Bill Joel “Uptown Girl” Blu Cantrell “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” Blur “End of […]