Those who pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Legion can start playing the Demon Hunter class August 9

Early access to the Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft: Legion kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Mmorpg headlines

  • Black Desert Online trailer teases free naval expansion coming later this year

    Black Desert Online players will soon be able to navigate the seas.

  • Why I can't be arsed with MOBAs

    MOBAs like League of Legends are massively popular, and thanks to the dawn of eSports, they draw huge numbers of people into the fold. So why can’t a fantasy fan like Stephany Nunneley be arsed to play one?

  • Wildstar beta giveaway: 1,250 keys up for grabs

    We have 1,250 beta keys for NCSoft’s new RPG Wildstar – just enter your email address to be in with a chance of playing this weekend.

  • Raid mechanics and story outlined for Secret World

    Graeme Lennon has announced some rather interesting details planned for the first raid to be implemented into the (somewhat awesome) MMO, The Secret World.

  • WH40K: Dark Millennium aiming for March 2013 launch

    After what seems like years of silence, THQ has finally offered a small bit of concrete information on the long-awaited MMORPG. Be warned, it’s not coming soon.

  • Tera "The Journey" Cinematic CG trailer

    TERA racked up a bunch of “Best of E3” nominations earlier in the year for its combat system, and now they’re showing off their CG chops.

  • Final Fantasy XI and XIV back online this Friday

    Square Enix have confirmed that the game servers for Final Fantasy XI and XIV will resume normal service from March 25 after being switched off on March 13th due to the Japanese Earthquake.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: LOTRO rumors, ex-Blizzard artist creates LAW, APB refresher course

    Yes, we know. It’s not Sunday. It is, however, Monday, and that makes looking at all the MMO news from last week even more sensible. We think so, anyway. Read on.

  • More free WAR server transfers offered

    Mythic has announced another round of free Warhammer Online character transfers. Players who currently reside on role-playing realm Ostermark can get a free transfer to Phoenix Throne (role-play) or Vortex. Thanks, IncGamers.

  • EverQuest II update features LavaStorm revamp and new dungeons

    The latest EverQuest II update, Elements of Corruption, has gone live. Players will witness the invasion of Lavastorm, as the island is invaded by Void creatures, so we’re told. New armor will be available for purchase along with new solo content, weapon slots, robe appearances, and new character appearances and stats. Good to hear. More […]

  • Play Lord of the Rings Online free until tomorrow

    Turbine is offering free play of The Lord of the Rings Online, running till March 31, for those maybe looking for a reason to come back. Not a bad idea: the Spring Festival is currently going on, and you’ll get a 25 percent XP boost during this time. More information can be found on the […]

  • Jeffery Kaplan leaving WoW for Blizzard's new MMO

    According to a post over on the World of Warcraft forums, lead designer Jeffery Kaplan will no longer be working on Blizzard’s behemoth, but will instead shift all his focus to the company’s “unannounced MMO”. Jeffery states that he will still be involved in the future progression of WoW, but that day-to-day work on the […]

  • Warrior Epic announces closed beta sign ups

    Warrior Epic, True Games’s upcoming action MMO, is accepting applicants for a closed beta test. The game’s site was recently revamped, so while you’re over there signing up for a bit of hack and slash  you can also check out some screens and a video. Space for the beta’s limited, so get on with it. There’s […]

  • Hellgate website and western servers shut down

    Looks like the end has finally come for Hellgate: London, at least in its current form. As of yesterday, the game servers and official website have finally, actually been closed. Never fear, though. If you enjoyed the game you’ll eventually be able to start anew in its free-to-play form when HanbitSoft relaunches the game complete […]