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  • Blizzard seemingly brings in WoW money-trading scheme

    A new pet introduced to the WoW store can be purchased with cash then traded on the auction house for in-game currency.

  • First shots from Family Guy Online

    The upcoming free-to-play MMO based on the hit cartoon TV series is in closed beta, and we’re now getting a glimpse at some of the in-game material.

  • EVE Online offers bulk subscription for first time

    EVE Online developers CCP have announced that they’ll be making their in-game subscription time available at a big discount for the first time, which is kind of significant if you play EVE.

  • GamersFirst says Realtime Worlds had big plans for All Points Bulletin

    As if we needed any new reasons to be depressed about the tragic premature birth and subsequent death of All Points Bulletin, now we’re getting a small glimpse at the plans Realtime Worlds had for the game.

  • Blizzard: No Starcraft MMO planned right now

    Blizzard’s revealed it currently doesn’t have any plans to develop a StarCraft MMO.

  • Funcom MMO, The Secret World, Beta Signup Starts Aug. 26

    The intriguing upcoming MMO from Age of Conan developer’s Funcom will get a beta, and you can sign up starting later this month, August 26.

  • Planetside 2 details show it's still hardcore

    The original Planetside is one of the most treasured games in the history of PC gaming. So needless to say, fans are more than a little protective of it now that there’s a sequel in the works.

  • Carbine Studios producer discusses unannounced MMO

    Eric DeMilt, senior producer at Carbine Studios, has shared some new details regarding the studio’s unannounced MMO.

  • Gods and Heroes takes top MMO spot on Steam this week

    The newly release Roman-fantasy MMO, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising became the number one selling MMO on Steam during the first week of its release.

  • Trion-ScFy MMO collaboration is 'Defiance'

    RIFT developer Trion worlds has made no secret it’s working on several new projects, including a collaborative MMO effort with the Syfy Channel – it’s was named today as Defiance.

  • Square: FFXIV's playtime-limiting system in place to keep certain players from having an "unfair advantage"

    Life is all about balance. Unless you play MMOs; in which case, life is a series of marathon play sessions that culminate in you sitting atop an ever-growing pile of virtual loot that’s always just seconds away from becoming obsolete. Square, however, is implementing a system that eventually takes away players’ ability to gain experience […]

  • Was canceled Halo game called "Halo Universe"? Maybe. Is its concept art pretty? Hell yes.

    More art from the now-defunct Ensemble Studios Halo MMO has emerged, this time from the desk of Ensemble-contracted artist Dylan Cole. He recently posted two pieces of concept art from the videogame-heaven-bound Halo title, both of which focus on what Cole calls “Halo Universe City.” Since “Halo Universe” is capitalized twice on Cole’s page, speculation […]

  • Pokémon creators: No MMO coming any time soon

    Nintendo’s been bowling a near-perfect game lately, but even so, we can’t help but scratch our heads at a recent proclamation from one of its biggest moneymakers. In an interview with What They Play, Pokémon series director Junichi Masuda was asked whether or not Pikachu and his 492-mon posse might be making their way into […]

  • Realtime Worlds looking to recruit 40 at GDC

    Realtime Worlds will looking to employ 40 good men and women be at GDC next week. Current openings are listed here. Apparently the contract package should appeal to those wanting a position to help pay the bills without the long-term commitment–and you would have to relocate to Scotland. “In contrast to many other companies and […]

  • Lego Universe MMO delayed because it will overshadow other products

    Lego Universe has been delayed, and will not be released this year as expected. Lego is also unsure if the MMO will arrive in 2010. “Within the company we have made a strategic decision within LEGO to make a delay of LEGO Universe. It will not be coming out in 2009,” said business development bossman, […]

  • Jeffery Kaplan leaving WoW for Blizzard's new MMO

    According to a post over on the World of Warcraft forums, lead designer Jeffery Kaplan will no longer be working on Blizzard’s behemoth, but will instead shift all his focus to the company’s “unannounced MMO”. Jeffery states that he will still be involved in the future progression of WoW, but that day-to-day work on the […]

  • Night of Murder approaches Warhammer Online

    A live event titled Night of Murder is to run in Warhammer Online from February 6-15. The shindig is just one of many scheduled for the MMO. Hopefully it will entice more players to return to the game, considering subscriber numbers have dropped from 750,000 to 300,000 since October 2008. Full details are posted in […]

  • Hellgate still facing Western shutdown -- despite upcoming expansion

    Sorry Hellgate fans – even the promise of a new expansion won’t keep your game of choice from getting the padlock treatment in 2009. Community manager Diane “Tiggs” Migliaccio explained in a post on the official Hellgate forums: “People are speculating and I don’t want anyone shocked on January 31, 2009 when the server and […]

  • KOTOR realm vs. realm content to be completely intertwined with story

    When asked about KOTOR’s RvR aspects and how they’ll work with respect to the game’s wildly ambitious story, lead writer Daniel Ericson said that the two will be completely intertwined. “This is Star WARS,” he emphasized. By Nathan Grayson

  • KOTOR MMO has enough story content to be played like a single-player game

    Straight from today’s KOTOR-splosion, lead writer Daniel Ericson claims that the KOTOR MMO will contain more story content than anything else BioWare has ever produced. He reckons that gamers can even play it as a solo game (Read: not an MMO) if they so choose. Very cool. More soon. By Nathan Grayson

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