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  • The Last Story might be Sakaguchi’s last game

    Mistwalker boss Hironobu Sakaguchi has said that upcoming Wii RPG The Last Story could be his final game.

  • Mistwalker’s Last Story gets first movie

    Mistwalker’s next game’s finally been shown in action.

  • Next Mistwalker game laid bare in Famitsu

    Kotaku’s hosting scans of the latest issue of Famitsu, showing off Mistwalker’s next game in all its Japanese glory.

  • Sakaguchi: The Last Story is no Final Fantasy “rehash”

    Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi has said that the dev’s next project The Last Story is no “rehash” of Final Fantasy.

  • Mistwalker reveals extra goodies on the towns in The Last Story

    Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi has revealed some of the details surrounding the various towns that populate Ruli Island in The Last Story.

  • Concept art of The Last Story gets out

    Mistwalker’s shown off some concept art of its upcoming new RPG, The Last Story.

  • The Last Story is a “very-Sakaguchi-san like title”, says Kitase

    The Last Story looks like a Final Fantasy rip-off, right? Not so, according to FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase. More of a Hironobu Sakaguchi game, innit.

  • Nintendo announces Mistwalker-developed The Last Story

    Well this is totally under the radar. Nintendo’s announced The Last Story for Wii, which is being developed by Blue Dragon developer Mistwalker.

  • Story for Mistwalker’s AAA RPG nearly complete

    Mistwalker boss Hironobu Sakaguchi has revealed that the story for the AAA RPG in development at the studio is all but done, bar “directions of the ending scene.”

  • Sakaguchi confirms new project at Mistwalker, it’s at the “finishing stage”

    Mistwalker boss and creator of the Final Fantasy series Hironobu Sakaguchi has confirmed that a new project is in development at the studio, further adding that it could be complete. He left this cryptic post on his blog: “Am I an “idle man”, I wonder? (^^; Well, I am just trying to pastime… I am […]

  • New Mistwalker RPG to be announced “sometime this year”

    Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi has said in his latest blog update that the Japanese studios’ next game will be announced this year. There’s a few vague play details in there as well: Planning to basically put importance on having seamless control of the overall direction of the game, mixed with CG spectacle scenes. Controls will have […]

  • Blue Dragon: Colossal Beast of the Underworld screens surface

    Dengeki Online has posted new screens of RPG Blue Dragon: Colossal Beast of the Underworld. Namco Bandai and Mistwalker collaborated on the project, which is expected to land in Japan sometime this year. A North American release is still up in the air. The link above also contains the box art and other artwork. Thanks, […]

  • Mistwalker artwork has nothing to do with current projects

    Kimihiko Fujisaka has said that artwork recently released on Mistwalker’s official site does not pertain to any current project, but was instead related to the canceled RPG, Cry On. “My illustrations and designs keep piling up without seeing the light of day. It happens a lot, but I think of it like medals of honor […]

  • Final Fantasy’s Hironobu Sakaguchi not worried over economic crisis

    Mistwalker boss and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi isn’t worried at all about the world’s current economic woes. He says so on his blog. Instead he feels that it is a good opportunity for us to take stock and “restrain human activity”, which in his mind equates to being more creative instead of being financially-driven. […]

  • Rumour: Artwork from next Mistwalker game released?

    A new bit of art’s popped up on the Mistwalker site, prompting speculation that it’s from the developer’s next RPG. There’s precisely nothing to suggest it is, obviously, aside from the fact it’s there at all. Another Blue Dragon? Could be pink frigging cheese for all we know. Via Kotaku and GAF.

  • …and we’re back – Christmas news round up

    Happy New Year. We’re glad we shut down over Christmas. You didn’t miss a whole lot. By far the most important story over the break was news that Free Radical cut its workforce by 140 to just 40. The developer was confirmed as being in administration just before the Christmas holiday. Speaking to 1UP, Cameron […]

  • Blue Dragon Plus DS official site and video released

    The official site for Blue Dragon Plus DS has launched which contains a brand new gameplay video. Very little is known as to what the game is about, in fact absolutely nothing whatsoever apart from that it’s developed by Feelplus and Brownie Brown and published by AQ Interactive in Japan. Video looks good but still […]

  • Majesco and Mistwalker partner for DS RPG

    Majesco’s announced a surprise deal with Lost Odyssey developer Mistwalker to create a DS RPG titled Away Shuffle Dungeon. According to this press release, “Players take control of the young hero, Sword, the sole resident left of the once booming Webb Village, who must rescue as many kidnapped townsfolk as possible from a mysterious unknown […]

  • Western Lost Odyssey DLC this week

    According to Gaming Today, some bit of Lost Odyssey DLC are going to be released this week, presumably in the US. From the site: New Downloadable Content for Lost Odyssey is coming to Xbox Live Marketplace April 25. There are three new items included in the DLC. “The Shattered Bond ” unlocks a new dream, […]

  • Lost Odyssey DLC available on April 10 in Japan

    According to Watch Impress, Microsoft’s going to release an 89Mb bit of DLC for Lost Odyssey on Thursday in Japan. We’re reading this through machine translation, so don’t blame us if it’s a bit sketchy. It looks as though it’s going to involve opening as area on the seabed in the fourth disc, and will […]

  • Perception was biggest challenge to Lost Odyssey launch, says Kyung

    Lost Odyssey’s global project manager, Hees Kyung, has said that biggest challenge with Lost Odyssey was to convince gamers that 360 was also the home of the best JRPGs. “The unique challenge that this game faced with was to arouse the excitement around the game community and to help lead them to believe that the […]

  • Microsoft makes mention of Lost Odyssey “series”

    Sounds like fans of Mistwalker RPG Lost Odyssey are in luck. According to the Nikkei, Microsoft is pleased with the game’s 100,000 sales in Japan and that the “series” will grow with time. Logically, Microsoft needs its own Final Fantasy-style RPG franchise, and Lost Odyssey has been nothing if not contentious. The old skool role-player […]

  • Free MS points with UK Lost Odyssey pre-order

    This is nice. HMV’s offering 1,000 Microsoft Points to anyone that pre-orders Lost Odyssey in the UK before the RPG hits on Friday. So there’s not much reason to not get it. So go get it. Via Xbox360Fanboy.

  • Lost Odyssey man steered clear of “risk”

    Mistwalker boss Hironobu Sakaguchi, developer of Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey, has said that “risky” gameplay additions weren’t on the agenda for the game, and he wanted to instead focus on evoking emotion in the player. “With Lost Odyssey I had a desire to make a game which could evoke the player’s emotion,” he said. […]

  • Lost Odyssey dates firm for US and Europe, says Microsoft, despite Asian release

    While Mistwalker Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey is alredy available in English for European Xbox 360′s via Play-Asia, Microsoft UK has confirmed that the game is still on track for its set European and US release dates. “It’s still releasing in the US on the 12th Feb and here on the 29th Feb,” a spokesperson […]