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Might & Magic headlines

  • Might & Magic Duel of Champions releasing on PC next week

    Might & Magic Duel of Champions on PC next week, Ubisoft has announced. The free-to-play game is also expected on iPad with a date to be finalized. The PC version is available to play in beta form, so start practicing through here. The full game will be made available on December 18.

  • Might & Magic Heroes Online customization and co-op detailed

    Might & Magic Heroes Online will contain various customization options and co-op battles upon release, and today, Ubisoft highlighted some of these aspects during Digital Days in Paris.

  • Might & Magic Heroes VI gamescom teaser video released

    Ubisoft has released a teaser for Might & Magic Heroes VI, which gives you a slight peek at the full cinematic trailer set to be shown at gamescom on August 17. The turn-based strategy sequel is slated for a September release. Thanks, Blue.