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  • Michael Jackson's dead - here are his videogame appearances!

    Michael Jackson died in LA last night, spawning one of the greatest Twitter-mong moments ever, as 10 million people all said, “Is Michael Jackson dead?” within three minutes of each other in one place on the internet. Good times. Poor old Michael. The most important aspect of his death, though, is obviously how the music […]

  • Rumour - New Michael Jackson game in the works

    Dutch site 9Lives is rumouring that “MJJ Productions” is working on a Michael Jackson videogame. The title’s part of the singer’s comeback effort, apparently, and is heading to “Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3″ this Christmas. We have precisely no idea if this is true or not. Read the sketchy translation through the break. […]

  • UK Marketplace gets Michael Jackson videos

    Phew. We were wondering when these were going to turn up. According to the Major, the British Marketplace has now been updated with five – count them: five – Michael Jackson videos. For 200 MS Points each. For a mere 1,000 Points, you could be rocking out to Bad, Black and White, Thriller, Billie Jean […]

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