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  • New Metro 2033 shots contain awesome sauce

    THQ’s released some new shots of 4a’s Metro 2033. They’re awesome. Get them below.

  • Metro 2033 takes you to a nuclear wasteland in March [UPDATE]

    Update: According to a post from the official Metro 2033 account (thanks, David), there has not been a release date announced for the game – yet. See the tweet for yourself here. Sigh. Original: Metro 2033, 4A’s depiction of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Moscow after nuclear annihilation in 2013, will land on store shelves March 16, according […]

  • New Metro 2033 trailer is serious business

    Watch the new movie of Metro 2033 after the break, red scum: it’s awesome.

  • Metro 2033: “It’s not an open world game”

    In case you had any designs on THQ’s Metro 2033 being an open world FPS, a la S.T.A.L.K.E.R., you need to check that shit right now. It isn’t. “It’s a story-driven, atmospheric, first-person shooter. It’s not an open world game,” EP Dean Sharpe told Inside Xbox. “The goal was to make a very believable, atmospheric, […]

  • Moscow’s a nuclear wasteland in new Metro 2033 screens

    Some new screens for Metro 2033 popped up over on Shack today. Each shows 4A’s depiction of Moscow after nuclear annihilation in 2013. THQ says the game will be out for PC and 360 in early 2010. Hit the link to have a look.

  • Metro 2033 game based on novel detailed at London event

    4A Games’ global brand manager, Huw Beynon, was in London along with the firm’s development team to discuss its upcoming action/survival-horror/shooter/RPG Metro 2033. Based on Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel depicting a postapocalyptic Moscow, the game is expected to be released sometime during 2010 on PC and Xbox 360 and published by THQ. According to […]

  • THQ announces Metro 2033 for 360, PC

    THQ’s announced first-person shooter Metro 2033. It’ll release on the PC and Xbox 360 next year from 4A Games. And yes, this was the game connected to the letter sent to Pat, yesterday. PR is after the break, along with the teaser trailer, thanks to TLG.

  • We’re going to Russia tomorrow! Anyone know why?

    I got a letter from Woking this morning. I’ve chosen to travel on the Moscow Metro system tomorrow. There was a ticket inside the envelope, and everything. Know what this is? I don’t. Although…